More Weight Loss Tips!!

22 Aug

Like many this day in age, I am really getting into  healthy eating, and not just because I just had a baby and don’t want to use that as an excuse to “let myself go,” but also because I’ve seen people who eat whatever they want and are seemingly “fine,” but then in their 40’s and on, wind up with multiple diseases.  Unfortunately, alot of the time, we think that we can eat any ol’ way just because of tradition, or because we’ve been raised that way.  Well, the truth is, you might have been raised on grease and fast foods, but that doesn’t make it right.  You have the power to make the needed changes and turn around a cycle of unhealthy eating, which can lead to disease.  You may also have witnessed people in your family suffer from heart disease or some other ailment due to unhealthy eating, but please don’t resign yourself to believing that you have to end up like them.

Start making a point to live healthy and to eat right!  It’s not just about buying expensive foods, eating only organic, or shopping at the Farmer’s Market.  You might be thinking, I’m not rich enough to buy all that healthy stuff.  Well one man whose wife had recently been suffering with her health in her 50’s told me of how he wished that they had eaten better when they were younger, but would tell themselves that they couldn’t afford to do so.  He said that now that his wife has become sick, they’re paying even more in hospital bills than they would have on simply eating right.  “Pay now, or pay later,” is what he told me.

Ok, ok, enough of the preaching…here is a list of some additional tips that I’ve found to work. 

1. I recently went to a Peruvian restaurant.  I had a salad to start off with, (which you should always do at restaurants to fill you up so that you don’t pig out on your entree.)  Or have a soup to start with.   Just don’t load your salad with eight kinds of meats, sausages, cheeses, and fatty dressing, because then you’ve added even more calories than the entree probably has.  Also, cream based soups are fattening, such as she-crab soup…sorry!  If you want to eat these kinds of soups, no problem, but just don’t think you’re losing weight by doing so. 

Anyway, I ordered a salad and the waitress said they had either Ranch, French, or Peruvian dressing.  Of course, I asked for the Peruvian dressing, (always wanting to try something new.)  It was amazing, so I asked the waitress why it was so delicious.  She said it was simply a mix of vinegar, fresh lime juice, salt, and pepper.  …My, what a kick it had!  It was so good, and it was fat free too!!!  Well aren’t all salads fat free, you might ask?  Well, actually, no, they’re not.  Like I said before, you would be surprised how much fat is in the olive oil you put on your salad, or even ranch or caesar dressing.  Just because something is healthy does not mean that it’s low in fat.  Salad dressings sometimes have more fat than the entree, so be careful.  And this is why I was so excited when I found out that this dressing was fat free.

Go to the store and get fresh limes, vinegar, and of course, you probably already have salt and pepper.  Get some lettuce leaves or spinach leaves, and make your own dressing!  It is so good and tangy, and will fill you up.  It’s so good that my husband just offered to go get me Taco Bell or Mcdonalds, and I said no, because I was satisfied and full from having this salad an hour earlier.

2. Don’t think you’re doing good by drinking juice all day because it’s healthier.  Juice is full of sugar, and most of it isn’t real juice anyway, it’s concentrate, sugar, and a bunch of chemicals.  Make your own juice, and if you can’t afford a Jack La-lane Juicer, there are some cheaper ones out there, but I’m not sure hwo good they work.  Or, do like I do twice a day and make your own juice in the blender.  All you do is get fruit, (I like frozen fruit b/c it’s pre-chopped and makes for good smoothies,) and add frozen blueberries, frozen mixed fruit, water, and agave nectar.  It comes out just as sweet and tasty as a Tropical Smoothie drink,  but much cheaper.   Also, keep in mind that b/c sugar is stored as fat in juice, it’s better to drink water, b/c drinking too much juice can and will add pounds, even though you think you’re being healthy by drinking lots of it.

3. Use a meal supressant shake in your smoothies, and drink one in the morning and one before dinner.  I drink Shaklee’s cinch shake, and it comes in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and caffee latte.  I make a smoothie like I said in the previous example, and add some of the shake.  It is supposed to take the place of a meal, and usually, this is all I have for breakfast.  For me, instead of using it as a meal replacement, I just drink it, knowing that it will fill me up, so if I do eat a meal, it will most likely be a smaller one b/c the shake keeps me full.  I think that only drinking a shake for a meal is denying yourself, and you’ll prolly end up eating even more b/c you feel like your witholding food by only having a shake.  That being said, drink two shakes a day, and eat what you want, just eat less.  (For more info on Shaklee products, which are all-natural and organic health products, (the companys been around for decades…take a look at,) contact me at  I grew up taking the products (vitamins, shakes, and even all natural cleaning products and baby products that I use for Gabe now.)

4.  Portion control!  Ok, so you tell me that you’re healthy because you ate soup and salad for dinner.  What you didn’t tell me was that you had four servings of salad, and three bowls of soup.  This isn’t healthy at all.  First of all, unless you had only lettuce leaves for the salad and chicken broth for the soup, you probably ate as many calories as are in pizza.  Why?  Because you ate too much!  Eat what you want, but just eat less of it.  You might think that if you do this, you’ll still be hungry.  The secret is filling up on low-fat foods, such as soups, salads, smoothies, fruits, and veggies.  (Also, granola bars and yogurt are good too.)  If you fill up on low-fat and healthy foods, then you can still eat that pizza or whatever else you want, you’ll just be so full off the good stuff that you’ll eat less.

5. Change the way you look at food.  I’m not telling you what you should or shouldn’t have at the family barbecue, but at every function you have, do you really need a slice of all four different pies?  Instead of taking four slices, take four spoonfuls of everything.  This is what I did today at Captain George’s seafood restaurant.  Their food is so good, but I was determined not to overeat, so I simply took a spoonful of everything that I wanted, and ate one plate of food, and did the same with desserts.  (I took five different spoonfulls though, not twenty!!)  😉  That would have been overdoing it if I had!lol…  The same goes for your daily meals.  You don’t need two entrees, and appetizer, and dessert every time you cook for the family.  Sure, you guys might eat alot, but don’t think that you need to have eight different kinds of foods and sweets at every meal.  Learn to eat in moderation.

6. Don’t think that simply dieting and taking diet pills will make you lose weight; you need to exercise!  I seriously meet people who think that if they just starve themselves, but not exercise, then they will lose weight.  Well, first of all, your body looks better anyway when you exercise because it’s more toned, and I know that I just feel plain nasty when I go a long time without exercising.  My body just has this ‘blah’ feeling about it, like it needs some sort of movement.  Also, if you’re doing this for the right reasons, and not just to look skinny, realize that exercise is healthy, and you need to do it for at least twenty minutes, three times a week, minimum.  (And those twenty minutes shouldn’t be walking in place- do something that gets your heart rate up or it doesn’t count.)

7. Don’t think that just because you’re skinny, you’re healthy.  Some people eat burger after burger and don’t gain weight, while the rest of us hate on them b/c they don’t get fat.  Well don’t be too jealous of them- you never know- their arteries might be clogged, and they might get some sort of illness despite looking “healthy” because they are not taking care of themselves, and falsely believing that simply because they are skinny, they must be healthy.  On the other hand, you might come from a big-boned family and be on the larger side, but so long as you are eating right and exercising, don’t force yourself to fit into a size 0 just because all of the celebrities do.  The smallest you might be while still eating healthy is a size 10, and don’t be mad if that’s the case.  Some of us will never be a size zero, (and still be healthy,) so accept who you are.  Maybe big hips run in your family, and you will never be below a certain size without starving yourself.  (And there’s nothing wrong with big hips; most men want something they can grab onto.)  😉  If that’s the case, just be as healthy as you can, and be the best version of yourself, even if that version isn’t as skinny as the next person.

Those are all the tips that I have for now.  Stay tuned for more!  And look out for my book around December.  😉  It will have all the same info, plus new readings on dating, marriage, friendship, God, healthy eating, money, and successful living. 

God bless!


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