Are you a Happy Hannah or a Debbie Downer?

2 Feb

It saddens me when I hear Christians who constantly complain, gossip and put people down. I am not perfect either…we all fall short, and we all slip up sometimes. We’re human and we’re going to have bad days. BUT God’s word also tells us that blessings and curses should NOT come from the same mouth, (James 3:10.) Are you someone who lifts up others, speaks blessing, and always has a kind word of encouragement? Or are you someone that everyone knows to complain, insult other and put people down? Why will people want to get saved when we’re always walking around like we’re miserable??? Spend some time with God and allow Him to renew your joy! And make a conscious point to be a Happy Hannah, not a Debbie Downer!! Just some food for thought! 🙂

That was just a little nugget that God whispered to me this afternoon. 19 more pages of editing and the book is DONE!! 🙂


I would love to hear what's on your heart! Please play nice, as comments which are negative or abuse in nature will be removed. This is a place to uplift and encourage, so join in if you'd like! :). Blessings!

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