If you lost your job today, would you be homeless in a month?

6 Feb

Let’s s say that God forbid, you lost your job today.  Would you be able to survive?  What if you didn’t get a job for six months?  What would become of you, your family or your kids?  Some people have family that they can live with, but others aren’t so lucky.  Maybe your parents would let you move back in, but you’d hate the idea of living under your parents roof again.

In this economy, so many of us know what it’s like to lose a job.  Dave Ramsey (financial guru in my opinion) 🙂 speaks about living “below your means.”  Not “at your means,” but below.  Here’s why –  When an emergency happens, if you have at least six months of money saved up, (done by each months expenses,) you’ll be able to ride it out.  Well how do I save six months of money, you may be asking?  I just told you 🙂  – by living below your means!  If you’re lucky enough to have a job, (and your partner has a job too,) live on half of what you make.

When my husband and I made job switches early on in our marriage, we were making much less once the job switches came into effect.  We didn’t even know who Dave Ramsey was at the time, but we were frugral enough to have around four to six months of income saved up, which means that we have enough money to survive and pay all the bills for 4-6 months.  How did we get all that income?  It’s not because we made so much money, but because we spent way less than we made.

Here are some ways to cut back so that you will be able to live under your means.  Don’t live in the largest apartment/house you qualify for.  Just because you qualify for a 300,000 home doesn’t mean that you can afford one.  Instead, buy a 250,000 home and put that extra money in savings every month.  Start couponing, shopping at the Dollar Tree, and making more home cooked meals.  Check out Dave Ramsey emealz plan too!  Stop eating out so much and learn to make the recipes that you like at home.  Learn to do your own hair – my husband shaves his own head, I cut my sons hair, and I style my own hair.  I can’t imagine payig $20 for a toddlers haircut, which is what some barbers charge.

Maybe you live in an apartment.  Do you need all of those extra bedrooms?  Downsize for awhile for a cheaper rent and the opportunity to save more.  Are you a young married couple with extra bedrooms. Do like we did and make an easy $1000 a month by renting out bedrooms to two of your friends before the kids come.  So what if you don’t have as much privacy?  I’ll give up walking around in my undies for $1000/month anyday! 🙂  And you never know, maybe your friends needed to live with you and see an example of a godly marriage, and two people who actually love each other.  Maybe your example will bless them.  And maybe you’ll learn a thing or two from them too!  🙂

Learn a skill that you can do from home to make money – and I don’t mean selling a product that is a pyamid scheme.  Learn to braid hair – I know a lady who makes a minumum of $200 for every person’s hair that she braids.  Learn a skill that’s needed in the economy, and do it for a little less than your competition – then everyone will come to you for that need.

Another friend of mine watches children.  She made $500 in one night watching kids while the parents went out.  No start up costs were involved b/c she already had all of the snacks and cots for napping as well as toys.  Don’t break the bank starting a business.  Do something with low start up costs that will yield immediate profit.  Pray about ways that you can make money, and pray for people that you can bless once you start making money.  Be wise and frugal.  God blesses those that he can trust with His money.  If you are going into credit card debt to eat out, do you really think that God is going to give you more money?  You can’t even manage what you already have.  Sure, you hear me talk about eating crab legs at Captain George’s for $32 a plate, but best believe I wasn’t always eating at Captain George’s!  There was a time when I could barely afford Burger King every two weeks, and you wouldn’t have caught me DEAD  at Captain George’s!  Live below your means!

There are all kinds of ways to make extra money.  And once you make extra money, DO NOT up your standard of living.  That’s where ppl get in trouble.  Live like you always did, and save the rest.  Then if you do lose a job, you’ll have so much money saved from living off half of your income that you’ll be fine until you find a new job.  Dave Ramsey suggests starting with 6 months of emergency savings, but I know of a friend who lived so frugally that she saved up TWO YEARS of extra income.  When they did lose their jobs, they were OK because of how frugally they’d live.  Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses.  The Joneses are in more debt than you’ll ever know.  Who cares if you don’t drive a new car?  At least the car you drive isn’t going to get re-possesed if you were to lose your job.  Stop trying to impress everyone by going into debt over new clothes and gadgets.  Yes, appearance is important, but you don’t have to validate yourself by shopping all the time.  Your real friends will like you even if you don’t look and dress like a rock star! 🙂

Start thinking of ways to live beneath your means and make extra money.  And if you have any other money-making/money saving tips that you’d like to share with me, email me at Lholmes79@gmail.com.  I’d love to hear your ideas!  Be blessed!

***Five more pages of editing and the book is done!  Yay! Look out for it around summer/fall! 🙂


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