Held so tight I’ve never felt so Free…

11 Feb

Today as I was listening to the  song from Big Daddy Weave, “you found me,” I thought about how the lyrics perfectly described how I was feeling.  It describes the day that Jesus found them as feeling “held tight but free.”  Wow…this sounds like such a contradiction, but it makes perfect sense.  When we’re living our lives to please God and trying to do what’s right, the world thinks that we must have a boring existence, be a prude, or feel like we’re in jail.  But when you’re serving God, the exact opposite is true.  You have such a peace b/c you know that even if your world seems to be falling apart, there is still someone who cares about you.  The world may think that we have boring lives because we’re not supposed to go out and get drunk and high…they think that we have horrible lives b/c we can’t do what we want.  Well let me tell you what, the amazing peace and joy that I have in my life now based on my family, good friendships with so many different amazing woman who love God, my two precious babies, and all the blessings that God has given me bring me so much more joy than a night out at the club ever did.  I’m not knocking dancing, because I happen to be a Zumba-holic – I did the flat abs video TWICE last night at 9 p.m. – 🙂  but the point is that we all know that dancing isn’t ALL that some people do at the club.  ;p 

God give us rules not because He’s mean, but to protect us.  …To protect us from STDs, unwanted pregnancies, rape, and getting in accidents if we were to drive drunk.  You may think that it sounds crazy, but often the Christian life does appear “crazy” on the outside b/c we’re not doing what the world does.  We’re living a life that’s set apart.  I encourage you to find God for yourself today.  If you don’t know where to start, I would reccommend getting a Bible that has little lessons to go along with it, finding a church that believes in the Bible, and beginning to pray.  The word tells us that if we confess with our mouths and believe with our hearts that Jesus is Lord (and died on the cross then rose again,) then we are saved!  I would also suggest listening to Joyce Meyer – she is a great inspirational Christian evangelist who preaches a practical word that is easy to understand. 

When it comes to living for Jesus, don’t feel like you have to change right away.  Maybe you will change right away, but for many, it takes time.  God would rather have you just as you are right now than to wait for you to try and change on your own.  “I’ll start coming to church when I get my life together” is wrong thinking alltogether.  You don’t have to clean yourself up to get saved and become a Christian – just have faith and start walking with God NOW, and you will find yourself becoming more and more like Him, and less and less like your old self.  It is a process – you won’t change over night. At one point I was claiming to be saved, but I would still do things like steal the answers to a test and ace it, and then go to church the next day and get my praise on to some Kirk Franklin and take a lap around the sanctuary.  (I could tell worse stories, but I’ll save that for another blog..lol…)  As you allow God to work on your heart and change you, you will find that you feel bad about those sins that you used to committ without a second thought.  That guilt that you feel is called “conviction” – God will show you areas that you need to change if you are open to hearing from Him and changing.  And life won’t be perfect just b/c you get saved, but you will find that you have a peace and joy that you never knew before.  This peace isn’t based on your circumstances; it will be based on the fact that God’s love and happines will be on the inside of you. 

Allow yourself to live for God.  Don’t be afraid that if you get saved, the fun will stop.  It’s not true.  You will have better and more genuine relationships, and God will make you into a better version of yourself.  But it takes faith.  Give Him your all.  Don’t just be a half-way Christian.  The Bible tells us not to be lukewarm, and that God would rather us be hot or cold.  Think about it.  Do you want your spouse to love you half-way?  Of course not!  You’d rather them love you with all of their heart, or not at all.  You’d rather be with someone who loved you with every part of their being..same with God.  He loves you so much that He does not want to have to share you – the word says that He is a jealous God – meaning that He wants you to have no other God’s before Him.  Give your life to Him today if you haven’t already, or give your whole life to Him if you have been holding onto a few pet sins. If you really want to be used by God, you are going to have to be willing to let go of those “pet sins” in order to be closer to Him.  “Pet sins” are what I like to call those things that you know are wrong, but you just can’t stop doing.  Or you say you’ll stop, but you keep on doing them anyway.  Maybe you won’t be able to stop by yourself – pray about those “pet sins” and give them to God.  He will help to free you from them. 

Maybe it’s something small like gossipping about others that you need God’s help with.  Whether it’s cheating, lying or getting drunk, God wants to set you free.  Take a chance and experience a love that will change your life!  🙂

*** Books done.  Just editing now.  🙂

Here’s the song that I mentioned from “Big Daddy Weave” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFT3SXXmcYs


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