Being a Mom is Awesome and Crazy at the same time!! :)

26 Feb

I’ll admit that when I first had kids, I really wasn’t into the whole reading childrens stories, singing lullabies, and shopping or baby clothes.  I loved my kids, but I just didn’t find interest in all that “stuff.”  Boy has that changed now!  I love singing to them, taking them to the park, and reading to them, (although I still don’t enjoy shopping!lol.)  Once I’ve bought the diapers and wipes, I’m good!  Just give me a bag of used clothes, and I’m good to go!! 😉

Being a mom is such an important job.  We speak into our childrens lives.  We teach them morals.  We teach them that it’s ok to make mistakes, and even when they they mess up, we still love them.  Sure they annoy us.  They scream, poop and cling onto us 24/7.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember what it was like to just grab your keys, run out the door, and spend the day shopping, at the gym, and eating out with friends.  Now that same activity involves packing a diaper bag full of size 2 and 5 diapers, wipes, a few changes of clothes for each kids, breastmilk on ice, 2% milk on ice, formula, and toys.  Don’t forget socks, shoes, jackets, matching clothes that each kid has to wear, brushing teeth and hair, and then getting yourself ready.  Then, when everyone is packed, loaded in carseats and strapped into booster seats, oops – you realize that someone has pooped! 😉  Then you have to unstrap everyone and take them into the house, change diapers, wash your hands, and re-load and strap everyone back on the car.  Now 15 minutes has passed and you realize you’ll be late…oh well..such is the life of the mom. 🙂  Oh yeah, and don’t forget the double stroller in the trunk.  You’re gonna need it so that your children won’t run into traffic or straight for large bodies of water! 🙂  Sometimes it seems like kids are on a constant suicide are constantly finding new ways to kill themselves, and it is up to us a moms to stop them!

As moms, we do have to give some stuff up.  It’s not about us anymore.  We can’t just take a nap.  We have kids to watch.  And we can’t always nap with the kids, because if you have two, they won’t always nap at the same time.  You will be tired.  Babies will keep you up at night.  They will throw up on your new clothes and pee pee on your couch. 🙂  They will poop through their clothing and all over your hands as you change them.  See what I’m getting at? Yeah, it can be frustrating, but when you become a mom, you just accept it and realize that it’s part of the job.  🙂

But kids are also really fun.  They get so excited about little things, like for instance, a red block.  They will pick up the block, try to eat it, and yell “reeeeeddd” at the top of their lungs ten times.  They are so much fun.  Being a mom is great.  It can make you crazy, but that’s where a support system comes in.  For the times when you want to pull your hair out, have grandma or a friend watch them.  Babysit your friends kid for free, and then when you need a break, she can return the favor.  Another fun part of being a mommy is putting bows and tutus on your daughter, cuddling and kissing your babies, and going to playdates with your mommy friends where the kids run wild on a beautiful summer day while you relax and drink coffee. 

Mommy hood is a fun journey, but it’s not for everyone.  But if you are in the midst of the journey, try and enjoy yourself. 🙂  Don’t take it too seriously.  Relax, slow down, and remember that being a mom doesn’t mean you have to be an old lady.  You can still be funny, goofy, sexy or whatever else you want to be.  You don’t have to get all boring.  Many of my mom friends are the cutest, funniest, best-dressed, most intelligent and well-rounded people that I know.  Being a good mom is about loving your kids and loving yourself.  It’s about loving your family and your husband.  It’s about balance.  And don’t forget…it’s also about FUN!!! 🙂

Be blessed!  Book will be done editing by the end of Feb!! Yay!


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