What are the odds…Pulled Over by the Same Cop AGAIN!

29 Feb

Last week I was pulled over by a cop.  I had not yet put my new license plate on my car because I had been so busy, so I appeared to be driving around with an expired license.  Instead of giving me a ticket, the cop let me go and even gave my son Gabriel a “Junior Deputy” sticker!  Wow…he restored my faith in humanity!  I had been having a rough week when this happened, so I knew this was God sprinkling a little favor and renewal in my situation to cheer me up and show me that He really was there through it all.

Two weeks passed.  I was busy again, and kept forgetting to put the new license plate on.  After work, I took the kids to Chick-fil-A and then Payless, (and didn’t  find any cute shoes..boooo!!lol,) and then I decided we would take a little senic drive around town and look at houses since we’ll be moving to a different house in VA Beach this summer.  As I drove through a neighborhood with beautiful houses and plenty of lakes, I saw a cop coming towards me, and remembering that I hadn’t put my tags on, I pulled into an empty driveway and stayed until he was gone.  I thought I had gotten away from him.  When he rounded the corner, I decided it was time to go home…this was too risky.  I felt like a criminal on the loose! ;p  As I exited the neighborhood, I saw a cop behind me, but luckily a few people were between us.  Just to my luck, the few people between us decided to get in the other lane, and the cop was right behind me.  I stayed calm and turned – maybe the cop would stay straight and not notice…

My heart sank as the cop turned.  He was following me.  A few seconds later, his lights went on to pull me over.  Oh well, I’ll just pay the ticket and never do this again, I thought.  I gathered my license and registration as well as the new license plate so the cop could see that it wasn’t expired.  As I rolled down my window, I immediately apologized to the cop and told him that I had my new tags, but had not yet put them on the car.  He looked at me funny for a second, and then I realized that this was the same cop from last week.  I was so embarrassed!  He definitely remembered me, Gabriel and Zoe, and said with a smile on his face, “Don’t I know you??  …you’re killing me!!”  Then he told me to pull over onto the next street.

As I did that, I thought, “there’s no way he’ll give me mercy a second time.”  I figured that he was writing me a ticket in his car as I waited, although he hadn’t taken my license this time.  As he emerged from his car, I braced myself for the worst.  Instead, he had a small wrench in his hand.  “Give me your new license and stickers,” he said.  Wait a second, was he really going to put the new license on my car FOR ME??  I was dumbfounded.  I really didn’t know what to say to this good Samaritan.  After he put the first license on, I invited him to dinner with my family, and then with a smile, he said he didn’t want to deal with a husband who thought he was trying to pull some funny stuff.  As he put the second tag on, I thought, “what am I going to say to this guy?”  He is out there putting on my new license plate in the pouring rain.  I scanned my car for something to give him for his graciousness.  All I saw were some empty juice bottles and trash. 🙂  None of that would do.

When he emerged with my old license after replacing both of them, my curiosity won out, and I asked him, “Are you a Christian?”  “What,” he responded, “why do you ask that,” he said with a curious look on his face.  I continued, “well – you’re just so nice, I figured you must be a Christian – you don’t meet good people like yourself every day.”  He replied, “well, there are some good people out there – not all cops are bad.  You have a nice day ma’am.”  Still in shock, I yelled out the window, “you have a nice day too!”

Wow.  I was completely floored.  What are the odds that I would get pulled over by the same cop twice, be given mercy TWICE, and even have him change my license plate FOR ME in the pouring rain???  Immediately I called my mom, and she was shocked too.  I drove home in silence and awe.  I knew that I had to write about what happened.  I just didn’t know what it meant – but now, I think I get it.

This guy that I didn’t even know gave me grace, not once, but twice.  Both times, I didn’t deserve it.  The second time, I even did the same thing that he had warned me about the first time, and instead of punishing me, he did me a favor, even though it was pouring down raining!  I thought about Jesus.  We sin against Him all the time, yet He still gave his life for us.  We even commit the same sins over and over, and He still blesses us.  I smiled as I realized that God was trying to teach me a lesson about His true nature.  I smiled because God gave me favor with this cop even when I probably didn’t deserve it.  I also smiled because I knew I would not have to pay a fine!! 🙂  My soul is smiling because I’m reminded that even in a dark world, there are still rays of light.  There’s always hope.  God loves us, and He will even goes so far as to show Himself through people and situations when we need it most.  He’s a good God!!

Be blessed!

Book will be done editing in Feb!


4 Responses to “What are the odds…Pulled Over by the Same Cop AGAIN!”

  1. Sherah Danielle March 9, 2012 at 5:47 pm #

    Wow Lauren! This such a blessing. Reading this post brought a smile to my face! I thank God for how He used the police officer to bless you and give you favor. Not only did he not give you a ticket, but he actually put the tags on for you–WOW!!!

    God bless you! Love you much!!! …Please give Gabe and Zoe a big hug and kiss for me!!!

    • lholmes79 March 9, 2012 at 5:55 pm #

      Love you too! Glad you enjoyed…this cop’s actions brought a smile to my face too. God sends little sprinkles of love when we need it most. 🙂

  2. Amy Schaffner March 16, 2012 at 5:12 pm #

    What an amazing story! Love this! Thanks for linking up with me today, I look forward to what you have to say next!

    • lholmes79 March 16, 2012 at 5:15 pm #

      Thanks Amy! I love your blog too – keep letting the Lord use you – your posts bless me all the time! 🙂 I have a book coming out soon, so I’ll def. be linking up more with exercpts from it! 🙂

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