What I’m thankful for…even though it’s not Thanksgiving :)

5 Mar

It seems like today, no matter what I do, I am reminded of what a great life I have and how much God has blessed me.  When I load the dishwasher, when I put my kids to bed, while I clean the house, and while I make dinner…I’m reminded of how good I have it. I’m not bragging.  It’s not like I’m a millionaire…..yet!! 😉  But even without my millions, I know what a good life I have.  So this list is my way of giving God thanks and reminding myself how much God has done in my life.  So here goes!!

1.  I have two kids, a boy and a girl.  When Brandon and I met, we decided that we wanted kids – one of each.  A boy first and then a girl.  And that is exactly what we got!  I’m 27 and have got both my kids out of the way! 🙂  …(by out of the way, I mean having to go through pregancy and labor..ughhh…I know some ppl say it’s beautiful, but if it was possible, I’d just press a button and have the newborn placed in my arms, minus the morning sicknes, gaining weight, stretch marks, and not fitting into clothes…lol..and if you loved being pregnant, I mean no harm.  🙂  We’re all different, but for me, I love my babies, but I did NOT love being pregnant!hahaha…)

2. A house that I love.  It’s not that my house is so amazingly decorated.  Actually, it’s quite simple. Off-white walls and simple decorations in every room.  It’s not having an HGTV home that makes you happy.  Because if you start watching HGTV, you’ll always want more.  You’ll be ready to “gut” a perfectly good kitchen and do “reno’s” on a bathroom that’s already in great condition.  I’m joking about not watching HGTV – watch it if you like! I just don’t anymore. 🙂  It’s what’s inside the house that counts.  There’s love, warmth, two cute kids, and two loving parents, (meaning myself and my husband.)  There are friends and family.  Home cooked meals.  Scented candles.  Lots of cozy blankets.  It just feels like home.

3. A husband who loves me.  Some women don’t know if their husband is out cheating, or if he really loves them.  Some men don’t like kids and became dad’s by mistake, resenting their baby’s mama and their kids.  My husband was born to be a father.  He wanted a family and kids at 18.  No typical guy wants that…lol..but my baby always had his priorities straight.  He’s not perfect…but he’s perfect for me.  He doesn’t care if I hang out all night with my friends while he watches the kids – he just wants me to let him sleep in the next day and return the favor. 🙂

4. Family.  A mom who watches my kids for free.  Putting my two kids in a decent daycare would be anywhere from 13-1500 dollars per month.  Whoa!  she watches my babies for free, visits during the week, cooks me food and gives me free reign of her fridge when I visit her house, and she lives five minutes from me. 🙂  Close but not too close!lol..  My dad is a business man who I can always go to for good advice on making money and being successful.  He’s open-minded and never judges anyone.  He’s a cool as a clam, and calm and collected.  My brother is a loving uncle and has the sweetest heart.  I never get it when people say they hate their brother because mine is like my best friend.  We can talk about anything, and even though we’re busy, we always pick up when we see each other.

5. Friends.  I read somewhere that in order to be happy, people need a sense of community and relationships.  And I think it said that women especially needed to feel this. I have cut my activities down to the few activities that I really enjoy with the people that I love most.  My spiritual mom Courtney, (womenlivingwell.org,) once told me on her FB page that she didn’t have time for fake friends, and that I needed to love people from a distance who didn’t have my best interest at heart.  And that’s what I do.  I can love everyone, but everyone is not a friend.  Friendship must be earned, and true friends prove themselves.  I am thankful for the people that I meet, and know within the first five minutes of metting that we’ll always be close – we end up laughing at crazy stuff and understanding all of each other’s jokes. I am glad that God has sent me friends who understand my goofiness and know that half of the time, I’m being sarcastic and don’t really mean the crazy things that I say. 🙂  I love people that I can be myself around, and I know that they’ll never judge me, b/c they’re just as crazy if not crazier than me.  🙂

See what I’m getting at?  It’s not money or things that make you happy.  Yes, those help and they are lots of fun, but that’s not ALL that matters.  A loving relationship with God brings so much peace too.  See – I didn’t say being “religious,” or acting pious and going to church when you have sin in your life.  I said “having a relationship with God” will bring true joy.  Realizing that there’s something bigger out there, that there’s more than meets the eye in every situation, and that you have a plan and a purpose is always a surefire way to help you see the bigger picture and appreciate even the tough situations enough to get through them.  You know there’s a higher purpose for it all.

Ok, I think I’ll stop at five.  🙂  I’m up late because one of my best friends is coming and doesn’t arrive until midnight, so blogging will have to keep me up until I leave to get her from the bus station.  Ooo she just texted me and told me that she’s 30 mins away…yay.  🙂  Here are a few other websites that will keep me up – (pinterest, realtor.com, facebook.com, womenlivingwell.org, and http://vahomeschoolers.org/guide/.

Allright, be blessed ya’ll! Look out for updates on my book coming out.  Love you! 🙂


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