Women Like it Hot, Men Like it Cold

10 Mar

Ever since I’ve gotten married, my husband and I have been in a constant war over the thermostat. 🙂 For myself, I like it to be blazing hot. I sleep with at least three sets of covers, (and even steal my husbands one blanket in the middle of the night,) and in the winter, I like the heat to be at a minimum of 75 degrees. My husband, (a.k.a Mr. Freeze,) likes the heat to be on 65…MAAAYYYBE 70 at the most.

What usually happens is that I’ll have it at 75, and then I’ll notice that it feels cold. When I check, I see that he has turned it down to 68. Before bed, I always ask him if he’s touched the heat, to which he says no. 🙂 But even so, there is a constant power struggle as to what temperature our house is. At this point in our marriage, we just laugh about our differences instead of fighting.

I wish that everyone could be like that. We’ll never all have the same ideas, views and religious views. We’ll even have differences with those of the same religion. Does that mean that we have to argue, attack and talk till we’re blue in the face convincing others that we’re right? …Of course not!! Agree to disagree is a mantra that will get you soooo far in dealing with others.

Today, remember despite your differences to love those around you. You don’t have to agree with their behavior or think it’s right, but don’t hate someone just b/c they have different views than you. Our differences make the world go round. No matter what you do, there will be someone who disagrees with you and someone who doesn’t like you. Instead of focusing on the bad, focus on the good. Instead of focusing on the differences, focus on what you have in common. Instead of crying over who hates you, focus on who loves you.

Another example in my own life has to do with eating out. If I had my way, I would go to a foreign place every time – be it Ethiopian, Thai or Japanese, I love eating foods from different cultures. My husband is pretty open-minded, but his idea of good eating is an American buffet, (which I think is boring!lol..) Instead of insulting him or trying to get him to love what I do, we just trade off where we’ll eat, (although he’s such a good sport that we usually end up going where I want!lol..) 🙂

Bottom line – we’re all different. Love people where they are. People don’t care what you know until they know how much you care. 🙂 God is love – again, we don’t have to agree with everything that people say and do, but the Bible tells us to love people anyhow.

Be blessed. My book is due out in a few mos! 🙂


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