Only Water for 40 Days!!! Day Three…

14 Mar

Imagine going to your faucet for a cool drink of water, and out comes mud, dirt, and little bugs.  For so many children, (and adults,) all over the world, this is what they get.  Sometimes when I go to a restaurant, I will order a fun drink (virgin these days) 🙂  with all kinds of fruits, berries, and sparkling water.  It’s even gotten to the point to where I know I should be ordering water-  (with a lemon for a kick!) –  🙂  …but I want something more fun, so I get a mango berry splash, for example.

Here I am discontent with my clean water, and there are kids who are (literally) dying for a glass of water.  That’s what appealed to me so much about K-love’s blood water mission.  It’s easy.  Just pledge for a certain amount of time to drink only water, and the $$ that you would have used on coffee or juice, you track it, and give it to the blood water mission to help these kids.  It’s easy to get set up online.  Plus, they have cute little wrist bands and water bottles that you can order to remind you…  🙂 … proceeds go back to help these kids and to build irrigation systems.

Here’s the link – don’t feel like you have to do this forever.  Even just a week or two will make a difference!  I encourage you to join with me and so many others.  Hey, you just might find that your skin clears up and you’re feeling better too with out all the sugar or caffeine! 🙂  Or, you might start going to bed earlier b/c u can’t rely on your morning coffee to wak you up!lol..

At first, it was easy for me to do the blood water mission.  But then, I would go for a glass of juice, and realize that I couldn’t.  Or, I’d go to fill up Gabriel’s sippy cup with apple juice, but realize that I couldn’t have any.  I thought about the little kids who  can’t have juice, much less even clean water.  Wow!  I’ve never been so thankful for a cup of water.  And best believe when I can have juice again, I’ll appreciate it sooo much! 🙂

Learn more here – and consider joining me in the blood water mission!

Books all done – I have about 20 more pages and I’ll turn it over to my editor for the final edit.  Remember to subsribe to my blog so that you can get all the updates! 🙂


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