I remember when I only had 90 cents to put in my gas tank

3 Apr

This is a picture of me during my college days, (when I would only put 90 cents in my gas tank.)  🙂  At the time, I had no financial concerns.  Little did I know that this would all change soon! (Read more about this below!)  –>

Once when I was in college, my car was on E, and I was a few blocks from my house.  I didn’t want to run out of gas, so I stopped at the gas station on the corner.  At the time, I didn’t fill up my tank like I do now – (when you have two kids in the backseat with poopy diapers who are screaming for milk, the last thing you want to do is stop at a gas station…so you fill up whenever you go.)  But back then, things were easy.  All I had to worry about was myself!!lol..

So I went in to the gas station and asked for 90 cents.  “Huh?” the lady at the counter said.  “90 cents on pump five,” I repeated.  She looked me up and down, and then looked really concerned.  “Here’s a dime,” she said.  She pressed the coin into my palm, and told me quietly, “I’ve been there…take this dime…now you’ll have a dollar.”  I smiled gratefully and thanked her.  As I turned around and walked away, I laughed a little bit to myself, realizing that she thought that I had financial problems.  At the time, I had no financial problems.  I was home for the summer from college, was living with my parents, and had no bills whatsoever.  While I was feeling mighty smug at the time, ironically, a few years down the line, there would come a time when I needed money badly.

Fast forward a few years.  My husband had a great job at the time, but I didn’t. This was very hard for me b/c I had always wanted to be a “successful career woman.”  Though my husband never hung this over my head that he had a good position and I didn’t, I still felt bad about it.  Once, I had to drop off a video to someone, and I didn’t even have enough money to make it from Virginia Beach to where they were in Chesapeake.  I had to ask them to meet me at the border of Virginia Beach.  My husband would have given me the money, but at the time, my pride hated to ask for help. I didn’t feel so bad when the person that I met told me that they understood my struggles – they had heard that their company would be laying off all of the factory workers after Christmas, and that they’d probably lose their job soon.

The other day, I made a pretty big purchase, and then a few days later, I deposited a check for the same amount.  I realized that most of the time when I spent money, I always had around the same amount to put back into the bank.  Talk about God’s blessings.  I pray that I never get comfortable and fail to realize how blessed I am.  Even if I was still in the season of not being able to afford to go to Chesapeake, I was still better off than many in other countries.

I was also reminded of this the other day.  Someone asked me how much a membership into a certain group that I was a part of cost.  “Thirty-five dollars,” I told them.  Immediately something told me that they didn’t have it, so I told them about some ways to get around the fee, and they thanked me and told me that $35 was not in their budget, and there was no WAY they could pay that.  Once we were done talking, I thought back to the old days.  How quickly we forget our past…when all we had was 90 cents to put in our gas tank, and when $35 was a stretch.

Thank God for His blessing today, and if you’re still waiting on the blessing, trust Him to bring it!!

Psalm 37:25 – I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.

~I’m done editing the book.  I’m just proofreading it for the next two weeks before I hand it over to the editor for publication!! 🙂


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