The Assignment that Made me Cry

24 Apr

Today my students gave speeches, and one of them, (to my surprise,) wanted to honor our class.  These are the moments that make being a teacher worth it.  🙂

To all my friends, classmates and Mrs. Holmes…  It has been with great excitement to have shared with you these last 14 weeks here in this early morning public speaking class.  It shows true dedication!

In spite of the fact that we were scared to death the first day we arrived, sweaty palms, dry mouths, and unsure of the expectations, we have all come quite a long way.

Even though we may have struggled with Mrs. Holmes’ tongue twisters before our individual speeches, our need to use too many hand motions, and our inability to speak loud enough for others to hear, our accomplishments are remarkable. 

We have conquered our fears while we have learned to accept each others differences.  Our topic selections we have shared, are as different as we are as individuals.  We have learned where to donate our body parts, what kinds of meat we should and should not eat, and what kind of vehicle we should purchase next.  We have learned that smoking, texting while driving, and kids using the internet without parental control are not necessarily good things.  We learned that joining the service has its pros and cons and that it might work for some of us but not all of us.

Soon this class will end and we will have to take what we have learned out in into the real world.  It might be a speech in our community or church.  Continue on, showing others your personalities and opinions along with the facts.  We have so much more to do in life and there is no doubt we have the ability.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of such an enjoyable group of people.  I wish you the best of luck.


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