Stop being a Worrywart!!

11 May


Here is a picture of my precious daughter who is learning to walk.  She’s not worried about falling – she knows that Mommy will help her up if she falls!  🙂

Everyday people worry.  What were you worrying about this morning?  For me, it was finishing up staging my house so we can get it on the market, and running some baby clothes to the next city for a friend.  And it wasn’t just worrying, I was planning ahead.  “Oh, what a nice cool breeze, I wish we could go to the zoo…maybe the kids would actually stay with me if we went instead of running ahead and trying to jump off the cliffs in the African safari exhibit!’  🙂

When I realized what I was doing, I caught myself.  Why was I worrying?  Didn’t God promise that He’d work it all out?  The Bible tells us, “do not worry about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day can bring forth.”  Instead of worrying, I opened up the blinds and looked at my backyard at the lake, duck, otters, and baby rabbits, or as my two year old son calls them, “rats.”  I thanked God for the beautiful day, even if it was a little too windy for my taste.  🙂

OK God, I’m done worrying, I’m ready to start my day.  “No, spend time with me,” I heard God say.  “But God,” I replied, “I have a million things to get done today…I will just do a blog tomorrow…plus I don’t have anything ‘inspirational’ to share right now…I just want to get my house clean.”

As I ran up and down the stairs putting diapers in drawers and making sure the kids weren’t fighting over the same toy, I realized that I had a choice.  Would I be obedient to God and spend some time with Him to hear what He wanted to say?

Obviously I chose the latter.  I opened up the Bible right to a scripture on worry that I shared above, “Matthew 6:34.”  I prayed that I’d put worrying aside, and instead, have faith like a child.  My daughter doesn’t worry that I’ll feed her – she knows I will!  My son doesn’t worry that I won’t change his diaper – he knows I will!  So I have to trust that my heavenly Father will meet all of my needs too! 🙂

Be blessed!

***The book will be due out in the fall! 🙂


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