Don’t you Dare Cheat on Me!

12 May

We hear so much in the news and media about affairs and broken marriages.  Everyone can tell you why they think the divorce rate is so high, and why cheating runs rampant.  But today, let’s talk about some ways to make marriages last!

1. Does he look forward to coming home from work because he knows a loving wife awaits him with a hug?  When my husband gets home from work, I give him a big hug, and the children run up to him and yell “Daddy!!”  (They do this on their own…I don’t tell them to…they just love their Daddy that much!)  🙂  I don’t bother my husband with problems until he’s eaten and had a chance to relax.  I want the home to be a place of peace, not nagging and arguing.  When the home becomes a negative place, men look elsewhere, be it the bar, the brothel, or anywhere that they can find peace.  Make your home a place of peace for your husband.

2. Compliment your mate!  After a few years of marriage, it is all too easy to just focus on your spouses shortcomings.  If we only tell them what they’re doing wrong, they won’t want to be around us.  Then avoidance begins.  Then they would rather go outside of the home where they can find people who make them feel good about themselves.  This might just be to into the arms of another woman.

3. For women, show your husband respect.   Even if you don’t agree with him, at least be kind in the way you speak to him.  Pray that God will help you to find a compromise.  You don’t have to argue him down until he bends.  That will just cause frustration.    If you were talking to your Pastor, you’d be nice and respectful.  So why do we stop respecting our spouses just because we’ve been married a few years?

4. Look sexy!  Before you married your spouse, you probably remember how sexy they looked on dates and especially on the wedding day.  Make an effort to look nice and smell good even if you’ve been married for years.  The secretary at work looks nice everyday that your husband walks in the office.  But your husband knows he has a beautiful wife at home who exercises, takes care of herself, and smells good – no need to go there!

5. Be sexually available.  If your husband wants to go there, then by all means, go there!  There are other women who would be willing to sleep with a married man, but he loves you, married you, and wants to be with you.  So don’t reject him and make his mind begin to wander.  Keep him satisfied at home so that he doesn’t need to look elsewhere.

Keep in mind that the love and compromise should go both ways.  I pray that your husband is also loving you and making you feel special.  When my husband shows me love, it is easier for me to show respect and to do special things for him.

Remember that no marriage is perfect. Even if you argued with your spouse for hours last night, today is a new day.  Start afresh.  This morning as I read the Bible, I kept coming back to scriptures on still waters.  I realized that my home was meant to be peaceful like those still waters that the word describes.  Are you doing everything you can to make your home a place of peace?  I hope so! 🙂  I am doing my best too, and I certainly have a ways to go as well!

Be blessed!

***The book is due out in the fall!


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