You don’t have a PHD – You’ll NEVER work Here!

24 May

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Today I have to thank God because He is the one who can promote us even when the world tells us that we’re nothing.  Here are a few things that the world has told me –

1. “You don’t have a PHD – you’ll never work here.”  (Now, with God’s help, I not only work there, but I’m a curriculum developer.  Still no PHD! 🙂 )

2. “What made you qualified for that position?” (God qualified me…He will use those people that the world has “thrown away” to prove that with Him, nothing is impossible.)

3. “You don’t look old enough to be a teacher.”  (Well thank you very much – that just means that when I’m 50, I’ll finally look 25!)  🙂

See what I’m getting at???  The world thinks that it’s all about who you know and connections.  And while this matters too, don’t put anything past God.  If you are doing your part, He’ll do the rest.  But all too often, people stop traveling the path to success b/c they allow Debbie Downers to talk them out of their goals.

Today, if there is a friend or person in your life who is whispering (or yelling) 🙂 negativity at every turn, please prayerfully consider whether or not this is a good influence.  I do not condone cutting people off all together, but if someone is bringing you down or laughing at your dreams, I would limit contact to a certain extent.

Once I had a friend who laughed at every single idea or dream that I ever had – needless to say, I quickly realized that this could not be a close friend anymore.  Even after talking to this person about it, they still spewed negativity all of the time.  It drained me and everyone else who came around them.  Even though I really liked this person, I had to distance myself.  Years later, their negativity has become a self-fulfilling prophecy in their life.  They are sick, have problems with family, relationships, and nearly every other area.  I truly believe that words have power.

Everyone has bad days, but you do have a choice.  Will you choose to be positive or negative?  Will you uplift people or put them down?  Will you energize others through bringing joy and laughter to any event, or are you the one who always complains about your kids, husband, wife and life?

Be the kind of person that makes people wonder what got into you, and why you’re so happy and energetic.  That will really throw everyone off! 🙂

And don’t believe the naysayers.  What would have happened if Steve Jobs had given up after a few failures, listened to the naysayers, and worked his safe 9-5?  History would have been very different. What would have happened if Mark Zuckerberg had listened to those who said that he was socially awkward and weird, and just gave up on his dreams of developing an idea called “the Facebook?”  (…Well for one, we would all probably have a lot more time on our hands.) 🙂  But you get the point.

I love the phrase that we grew up hearing all the time in Sunday School – “God said it; I believe it, and THAT settles it.” 🙂

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