City Girl Goes Camping – Part One

26 May

ImageYesterday as we got in the car to begin our kidless weekend vacation at a wilderness resort, I said a quick prayer for safety.  My husband added in, “and I pray that my wife will be nice to me all weekend, amen.”  I had to smile and pray that he would also be nice to me!

We were off to a great start!  The kids were with Grandma and Grandpa probably being spoiled as I write, J and we had just eaten (probably too much food) at Frankie’s place for ribs.  I had a jolt of energy after a fresh coffee courtesy of the car place where we’d gotten our oil change done before dinner, and we were ready to drive to our destination.

I drove most of the way, (see – I am a nice wife!!) J and when we arrived at the cabins, it was too dark to really see anything.  Once we got inside, I remembered that there was no TV or internet, (which was actually pretty nice.)  So, just like any good husband would, my husband checked the cabin for spiders while I unloaded the food items.  Once the coast was clear, he relaxed on the couch while I proceeded to read him, (as he politely listened,) the latest medical research by Dr. Sanjay Gupta from a women’s health magazine.  🙂

Dr. Gupta spoke on how we can actually train our bodies to grow younger versus older simply through exercise coupled with eating right – (he said it way more eloquently with lots of medical terminology.)   Dr. Gupta mentioned that he’d been a triathalete for the past three years, (so I told my hubby that we had to start doing triathalons!lol…)  Dr. Gupta also talked about how as we get older, our light didn’t have to grow dimmer; instead, it could shine even more brightly.

Wow…this sounded like a spiritual principle to me, so I had to preach a little mini sermon to my husband, (who always just smiles and listens patiently as I go on and on.)  🙂  The doctor’s words brought back to my mind the verse on how as believers, our light is also to shine brightly.  We don’t have to let life make us jaded, negative, and pessimistic just because of the world’s troubles.  No!  Instead; we are to be beacons of light for the world to see.  When people come around us, they should feel God’s love and kindness.  That light on the inside of us should shine so brightly that they know there’s something different about us, so that in the end they’ll say, “I want what she’s got – what must I do to be saved?”

Today, is your light shining brightly?  Has anyone asked you why you’re such a nice person lately?

About a year ago, one of my ground classes that I was teaching during a fall semester was dropped from my schedule, so I figured that it had been cancelled at the last minute, (which classes sometimes are due to low enrollment.)  However; I later found out that the person scheduling the course had meant to just change the classroom, but actually dropped the class altogether.  Some students hadn’t checked the class roster and went to class that morning only to find that I wasn’t there, so they dropped the class, and switched to other sections.

When I found out what happened, I was very gracious about it.  I didn’t fuss and yell at them for taking money out of my pocket.  I was kind about it, and told them not to worry about it, and that mistakes happen.  The person in charge said, “you have a really positive attitude…I like that…wow!”  They may not have known that I knew Jesus at the time, but I later found out that they were also a Christian.  From then on, that person has always looked out for me, and made sure that I get all the classes that I want, (scheduled whenever I want.)  🙂

See how good God is?  When the light inside you shines, and you are living your life to please Him in every way, (and treating everyone with love,)  God’s favor can’t help to follow you everywhere you go.  You will begin to advance in areas that you never thought possible.  Doors will open that used to seem sealed shut.  You may not all of a sudden be making $100/hr, but God will begin to drop free things in your lap that others had to pay thousands of dollars for.

It’s not all about pleasing God just so that you can have a blessed life – there are benefits of letting your light shine for Jesus.  You will have God’s peace and happiness, and when problems do arise, you can get through them because you know that you have a higher purpose.  You know that you’re not a mistake.  You didn’t just end up on this earth by chance; your lift isn’t meaningless.  When you follow God and have  a personal relationship with Him, you know that no matter what happens here on earth, you will one day have eternal happiness and peace in heaven forever.

So today, let your light shine.  If God is telling you to talk to the person in the line at Wal-Mart, just do it.  🙂 Sure, it may seem awkward, but your kindness might be the only kindness they get all week.  God is famous for doing that in my life.  He is always leading me to talk to the most random people, and most of the time, it’s like, “but God, I just want to relax, do I haaaaave to go talk to that person?”  I’ll admit that I’m not always obedient, but usually I am.

That’s the cool thing about God.  He will disrupt our lives for a greater good.  That happened all last year at the pool.  I was eight months pregnant and just wanted to relax.  But I felt that I was supposed to be friendly and show God’s love to the other people at the pool.  I actually ended up making some new friends and having more fun that I would have if I’d just stayed in the deep end floating all by myself.  🙂

That’s just how funny and amazing God is.  He can talk to you too – His voice isn’t always loud and audible.  Sometimes it’s just a feeling in your heart when you know that you should do something.  So today, listen for God’s voice.  Let your light shine.

I’m on vacation all weekend, so I’m sure that God will lead me to talk to a few people and show them God’s love.  My husband joked that I should do my zumba out by the lake and see if anyone joins in.  I don’t know about all that. 🙂  But hey, if God wanted me to, I would!! 🙂

Be blessed!

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