City Girl Goes Camping – (and Almost Ruins the Vacation!!) Part Two

27 May

I have a confession to make.  Yesterday, I wasn’t the nicest wife ever.  It all started when I wanted us to go swimming in the lake yesterday.  (…A little background – my husband and I are staying at a beautiful wilderness resort, complete with lakes, pools, campfires, fishing, and paddle boating.)  If you’ve seen the movie “Dirty Dancing,” it’s just like the campsite where they stayed – there’s a rec room, dance classes, karaoke, crafts, games for the kids, flea markets, bingo, outdoor movies with popcorn, and just about any other activity that you can think of.

That morning was going great.  We’d both woken up early, taken pictures of the campsite, and walked around the sparkling blue lake.  We ate our favorite meals at IHOP – (for me, the breakfast sampler, and for my hubby, and some kind of cheesy omelette.)  We walked around the Farmers market trying out fresh cheeses and blueberries, and then decided to go back to the cabin for a quick nap.  It was then that I decided we would go swimming.

But to my surprise, (once we got to the lake,) my hubby didn’t want to go swimming.  Instead of being grateful for him chauffeuring me around all weekend and doing whatever I wanted, I became furious that he did not want to swim at that time.  I marched back to the car, drove back to the cabin, and proceeded to pack all of our things back in the car.  The vacation in my mind was over.

After I packed about half of the things in the car, I realized how foolish I was being.  Once all the things were packed, I had cooled down from my irrational rage.  I realized that I couldn’t end a vacation just because my husband had not wanted to get into the lake at the exact moment that I did.  The whole trip, he had been so nice and easy to get along with.  I felt so guilty for how I had acted, but my pride did not want to admit that I was wrong.

As I drove the car towards the front entrance, I made a last minute turn.  “Where are you going,” my husband asked.  “To the lake – you can go where ever you want,” I sharply told him.  I parked the car, jumped out, and walked as fast as I could down to the lake, and I could hear my husband close behind.  Still acting prideful, I started power walking so that I would lose him, (almost running to the point that I was out of breath.)  How foolish I must have looked!  When I finally got to the lake, my husband was kindly sitting on a beach chair nearby, but still obviously not getting in.  I silently got in the lake and started swimming around.  I felt pretty silly in there frolicking but not speaking to him.

I swam back up to the shore and guiltily asked, “will you take my picture?”  He smiled and said, “Only if you stop being mean to me and calling me names.”  I felt so bad about my behavior.  Here I was being just as mean as I could, and my husband still had mercy on me the moment that I hinted at reconciliation.   (Just so you know, I did apologize probably four different times that night, and made sure to be on my best behavior from then on!!lol..)

My husband’s quick forgiveness reminded me of my relationship with God.  We sin and mess up time and time again, but each time, Jesus takes us back as His children, and loves us even when we did nothing to deserve it.  Even when we are being sinful, prideful and silly, God is still willing to forgive us too, (if we would just ask.)  The word tells us that if we humble ourselves and pray, and seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways, that God will open the floodgates and pour out a blessing greater than we could imagine.

Today, repent for the things in your life that you know are wrong.  Don’t allow pride to stop you from admitting that you’re wrong.  Allow God to show you the areas that you need to work on.  And don’t beat yourself up for bad behavior.  God doesn’t want you to sit around and feel guilty all day; He simply wants you to ask for His forgiveness and turn from your sin.

Regardless of what your views were on God growing up, realize that God is a LOVING God, and He is quick to forgive if you would just ask.  He longs for a close relationship with you through prayer, quiet times with Him, and worship.  Worshipping God doesn’t have to just be singing – for me, while I do love singing to God, I also love writing for Him.  Maybe you paint for God.  One girl from our church does beautiful prophetic paintings during her prayer and worship times with God.  The images that God gives her are simply amazing.  Whatever you do, do it all for God’s glory.  Let’s be done with half-way Christianity.  God’s word says that he would rather us be hot or cold, (but not lukewarm.)  All or nothing!

Be blessed!  (…And I will do my best today to be a blessing to my husband.  After yesterday, I have to thank God for such a humble, forgiving, and loving husband. ..)

***The book is due out in the fall, but I actually might finish sooner.  If you like what you’re reading, feel free to follow my blog and “like” my fan page so that you get all of the updates.


2 Responses to “City Girl Goes Camping – (and Almost Ruins the Vacation!!) Part Two”

  1. Navonia Thomas May 27, 2012 at 10:49 am #

    Lauren, I love your blog! I can’t wait for the book to come out. Love you!

    • lholmes79 May 27, 2012 at 10:54 am #

      Thanks – I can’t wait either! Love you too – you are a huge part of why I turned out like I did!! 🙂

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