How did you Know He was the “One?”

31 May


When I met my future hubby, I’ll be honest.  He seemed too good to be true.  He didn’t get drunk, stay out all night partying, and he wasn’t trying to to compromise my purity.  He loved the Lord, was fun and interesting, was open minded, and loved all different cultures.  He was intelligent, had a great job, was artistic, and was definitely my type in the looks department.  So naturally, I either thought that he was a con-artist, or possibly….my husband?

I didn’t want to make a mistake.  I really liked him.  I didn’t want to do anything that might mess up our relationship.  I told God if he wasn’t the one, to please make me repulsed by him.  Don’t get me wrong.  I wanted to find my husband!  I just didn’t want any distractions.  Every day, my feelings grew stronger.

The relationship just fell into place naturally.  It wasn’t forced.  We could talk and laugh for hours about nothing and everything.  We had so many of the same interests.  Our ministry goals matched up, and we both had a heart for cultures other than our own.  After about two weeks, I told my husband that we would get married, and that I would have his kids!!lol…he said that he already knew.

That was that.  We were engaged three months later, and married five months later.  The rest is history.

So if you’re not sure if the one your dating is the one, let me tell you this.  If it’s of God, it will naturally progress.  You won’t have to “try,” “work at it,” or “force it.”  Sure, there will be issues from time to time, but you can’t imagine your life without that person.  You have a deep feeling that they’re the one.

So if you think you’ve met them, keep praying about it.  God is not a God of confusion.  A relationship that is meant to be will work out.  I pray that you seek God, because God designed marriage to be for life.

That is my story.  And if you desire marriage, let GOD write your love story just like I did.  He writes the best ones.  🙂

Be blessed!

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Here’s a link to a video blog I did about this same topic yesterday.  🙂



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