Don’t look down on today’s teens – you might be their only hope!

4 Jun


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I can’t count the number of times that I’ve heard someone say, “teens these days…I tell you…when I was that age we didn’t…”  It’s usually involves:

a) not understanding the guys wearing skinny neon colored jeans trend

b) wearing shaggy “Justin Bieber haircuts”

c) listening to “crazy, auto-tuned music” like Lady Gaga and Kesha


D) talking back to parents like “these kids” do

Can I tell you something?  If you don’t like how teens these days act, why not befriend them and be that “cool” adult that they can confide in?  Instead of hating on them and saying how much worse they are than your generation was, why not come alongside and mentor them, help them, and offer a listening ear?

I know of a lady who is in her sixties, and she has friends of all ages.  There are even 21 year old’s who come to her with their relationships issues.  And not that they can’t talk to people their own age, but this woman in her 60’s has so much wisdom to give them.  And the reason that teens are comfortable with her is because she’s not judging them or turning her nose up, (as if she didn’t live through the 60’s!!lol…)  How quickly we forget where God brought us from once we get “saved.”  I say less judging, and more loving!  (After all, the word says that they will know we are Christians by our LOVE!) 🙂

Just recently, we decided to take the kids to a park across town because we didn’t feel like driving all the way to the “family park.”  We soon found out that this park was a place where teens could go to do things behind their parents back.  There were guys and girls hugged up on the benches, and when we left, a car of full of teens smoking marijuana quickly drove off, (figuring that the “family” might call the cops.)

While my first thought was to be annoyed at these teens and wish that we had just gone to the more upscale “family” park, I realized that I shouldn’t have had such a cold heart towards them.  Although I didn’t get to talk to the teens that day, I thought back to when I was a teen.  It was definitely confusing at times.  Looking back, I realize that I should have talked to those girls that were hugged up on the boys.  I should have given them a word of encouragement instead of being annoyed that they were cuddling with their boyfriends at the picnic benches near my kids.  I pray that God gives me another chance to minister to those girls.

I always tell myself that I never want to be that person who looks down on the next generation and tells them that our hair, style, music, and fashion was “better” than theirs.  That stuff doesn’t matter anyway.  No, I want those younger than me to know me as an open, non-judgmental person who understands them, and who gently and LOVINGLY points them back to Christ.

Be blessed!

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