All Alone in a New City

19 Jun











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Today as I left an activity, I ran into a new girl who had gotten lost, and had been driving for an hour only to arrive once the event was over.  New to town, she hadn’t met very many people yet,  so I gave her my info. so she could get plugged into some fun activities.

I remember being the “new girl” lots of times.  New to a college, new to a church…you get the idea!  I remember those who were friendly to me, and those who weren’t.

Once I was new to a college, and some people mentioned going to the movies.  “I’d love to go to the movies tonight,” I hinted, hoping that they’d invite me.  Instead, the girl said, “Oh, OK, we’ll see you later.”  I cried that night.

Another time when I was new to a group, multiple people introduced themselves, hugged me, and offered for me to ride with them on a trip.  It felt like family.  It was great! 🙂

The word says that “they will know that we are Christians by our love.”  It’s one of my fave verses.  🙂  Today, reach out to the new people, and befriend the ones who are in the corner with no one to talk to.  Show them God’s love and kindness.  It might be the difference between a night of crying alone versus a day of happiness!

Be blessed!

The book is due out in the Fall of 2012. :)

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