Sexy Facebook pics? A single, Christian guy weighs in

3 Jul

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I recently had a single Christian guy ask me my thoughts on Christian women posting sexy pictures on the internet.

Here are a few questions to consider:

What does the Bible tell us about modestly?  How would your husband feel about other men seeing you in a bra and panties?  Would you want your daughter to post these kinds of pictures for the world to see?  Would you be comfortable if your Pastor, son or dad scrolled through the news feed and saw you in a compromising pose?  The list could go on…

Now let’s hear from the single Christian guy –

“I think boudoir pictures are great for someone’s husband ONLY!! That’s it – black and white…NO gray area!!! Those pictures by nature are designed to excite the persons husband, so to think it’s OK to post them on your Facebook and website for every Tom, Dick and Harry to see makes no sense to me.
Did I look?  absolutely!!!  …And after – (only after) – I thought I would hate it if my wife’s picture was all over the Internet dressed like that…”

Before we begin a debate on the single Christian male’s comments, let’s take a step back, and think about how in a culture where men are often deemed as “sex-hungry pigs,” this note shows that there are still some men who value purity and want to protect their eyes.  It shows that men do still exist who want to please God, and don’t want to lust after every woman they see.  It shows that there are still men out there who believe that although sex is great, it is even better when shared with their wives, (and not the whole world.)

Since we’ll never agree on everything though, let’s take the conversation back to God, and ask ourselves a few last questions.

Women, it’s OK to be sexy, but ask yourself if God is pleased with you posting semi-naked pictures for everyone to see.  Men, would you invite God to look at risque images with you, and if you find that a woman from Facebook is constantly posting pictures are causing you to become aroused and lust after her, do you really need to remain Facebook friends?

Let’s involve God in every area of our lives, be it the pictures we post, what we do or don’t look at, or the standard of purity that we have.

Be blessed!

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