Confession: I used to know “everything” about kids until I had them

1 Aug







Before I had kids, when I saw a child acting up at Wal-Mart, I  knew exactly what the mom was doing wrong.  She was spoiling her kids; otherwise, they wouldn’t be acting up.  Easy, right??lol…

Or I would hear a mom say she was tired because the kids wore her out, and I’d think, “funny, I thought kids just played all the time…how do they wear her out…she’s probably not in very good shape.”  Mind you, I am not proud I thought these things; I’m just being honest.  🙂

Basically, I knew exactly how kids should be raised….until I had some!lol…

Now I know that no matter how well you raise your kids, they are bound to embarrass you in public with a tantrum, oh, just about every two days!lol…

And now I why moms are so tired – working full time from home, mentoring new Faculty, keeping up with 200 students, cooking, cleaning, laundry, reading to babies, taking babies to activities, making breakfast lunch and dinner, two moms groups, my women’s book club, working out, prayer/Bible time, going into work some days/nights,  and keeping my kids from killing each other and themselves, (literally!lol,) can get pretty tiring.

And those are just a few duties – I didn’t even mention editing the book, and blogging daily, (b/c I don’t consider those “work,”)  🙂  but you get the idea!

Being a mom has taught me this: even though having an opinion is great, it’s best not to be overly opinionated about a situation until you have walked through it.

Although it may appear easy on the outside, you never know.

So today, be careful about “knowing everything.”


Someone who formerly “knew everything about everything” lol… 😉

Be blessed!

The book is due out in the Fall of 2012. :)

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