Be careful who you date!

21 Sep




Chill out – we’re just dating; it’s not like we’re getting married!

Have you said this before?  Have you heard it said?

Lately I hear so many younger girls saying this.  They are often dating a guy who they know is not “good news,” but they make it seem OK by saying, “it’s not like we’re getting married.”

I once heard someone say, “you often end up falling in love with/marrying” those you date.

Maybe you’re dating “for fun” and then you fall in love.  Maybe you’re dating, and end up pregnant and decide to get married.

But do not be fooled.  People often end up in serious relationships with those that they’re supposedly just “dating for fun.”

Make sure that the one you’re dating is the right one, and make sure you’re on the same page.

Some Christians believe in courtship while others believe in dating.  The main difference to me seems that “courtship” is only dating for the purpose of finding a marriage partner, while “dating” seems to mean that you’re having fun spending time together, but there aren’t neccesarily desires for marriage.

Figure out if you’re on the same page.  If you want marriage, don’t date someone who’s just in it to have fun.  Or if you just want to casually date, make sure that you’re not leading someone on who desires to settle down and start a family.

We often take dating very lightly, but I believe that who we date is very important.  I’d even suggest asking God what He thinks of those you date. 🙂

The word tells us not to be “unequally yoked,” or not to date someone who isn’t a Christian.  This may anger some, and you may be thinking, “we’re in love…religion shouldn’t matter…

But when you want to take the kids to Sunday school and hubby disagrees, there will be problems.  When you want to celebrate Christmas and get some tension coming from the other side, you probably won’t like it.  When you raise the kids to value their faith and they say, “Daddy’s a good person and doesn’t go to church, so I don’t have to go either,” you’ll wish you were on the same page.  Figure out if you’re on the same page now!!

What about you?  How do you feel about dating?


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