We sold the house – update!

31 Oct









Thanks for everyone’s prayers recently regarding the sale of our house – great news; it sold!! 🙂

Actually; it sold over a month ago, but it all seemed like such a whirlwind with the inspection, negotiations, and repairs, that I’m just now relaxing before it’s time to move out!lol…

So now I would like for you to pray that we find a house we like.  We have to be our of our house by Nov. 26th, so we have a few more weeks until then.

We have found a house we like, but it is very over-priced, so we’re waiting on that one.  Because it is fall, there aren’t as many homes to choose from on the market, and we’re not willing to move into a house we don’t love.  Reason being – We want our next move to be our last.

So that leaves a few options.  We can rent month to month, or pray that we find something we LOVE by Nov. 26th.

While I’d love to find a house by Nov. 26th, I’m willing to rent month to month until we find our dream home.

Prayers are appreciated, and I thank everyone for checking on us as to how the process is going.


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