Having kids doesn’t mean your life ends!!

14 Nov

Here is a picture of me on a date night with my hubby this summer, drinking my favorite Sbux drink – a double chocolate chip frappucino.  Yumm!  …See?  …the fun doesn’t HAVE to end once the kiddies come along!!  🙂

Yesterday, a fellow mom that I know mentioned how a few moms she knew basically admitted that because of their kids, they no longer had a “life.”  🙂  Yes; now the fun must be planned, but since when was planning the worst thing in the world?

Once, (before I had kids,) I asked a boss of mine what changed once the kids came along.  She replied, “well, my husband and I can’t just decide to go to Wal-mart at midnight and walk the aisles…”  I laugh at this not only b/c her example involved Wal-mart, but also b/c it’s true!lol… 😉

One thing that has helped me to still have time for myself (despite having kids) is cutting back on T.V.  For about five days now, I haven’t turned the TV on, and it’s amazing that I was able to get all the work done for my job, as well as organize the whole house.  Don’t forget a moms movie night out, Bible study another night, Zumba before bed, and still having time for the hubby and kids.

And when I went without Facebook and pinterest for a day, the amount of time in my day almost seemed to double! 🙂

For me, there are certainly ways to still have “me” time even though I have kids.  And please note that I believe children are a blessing from God…instead of complaining that our lives are “over” once the kids come, let’s figure out how to better manage our time so that we can enjoy our kids, our lives, our spouses, and our friends!

I am curious to hear how the rest of you do it.  Please share!! 🙂


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