Sipping Saints: Alcohol and your Children

13 Dec





Alcohol: it’s something that all of our children will one day come into contact with, regardless of whether or not they choose to drink.

So how do we prepare our little ones now to make good choices?

I will start by saying that my husband and I choose not to drink at all, but we do not look down on those who do.  🙂  The Bible tells us “not to become drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery, but instead to be filled with the spirit.”

Before I met my husband, I drank occasionally, but he did not.  So when we married, I made the choice not to drink anymore.  Because my grandparents drank, and my parents witnessed horrible things due to their parent’s drinking, they also made a choice not to drink once they had children.

Now that I have my children, I believe that this is an important issue as well.

One the one hand, I do not want my children to be so sheltered that when they get to college, they are the drunkest ones at the party because of never having been around the “forbidden fruit.”

But I also want them to know that it’s possible to have a good time without alcohol.  I want them to know that alcohol is not a requirement for a good time at social gatherings; we can still let loose, have fun and be silly without depending on drinks to loosen us up.

Growing up, I think my parents struck a good balance.  Though they didn’t drink in the home, they didn’t shelter me to the point that I was never around alcohol, and I didn’t feel the need to rebel once I went to college.

What about you?  What will you teach your children as far as alcohol is concerned?  (Please…no bashing those who do or don’t drink – I simply wrote this post to hear how other Christian parents are approaching this topic with their children.)  🙂


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