After the CT. tragedy…

19 Dec


Here is a picture of my kids enjoying a friend’s birthday party on Saturday – I can’t imagine life without them!  🙂

I am sure that you were shaken to your core when you heard the news about those precious babies a few days ago.  (…And while I don’t want to take away from children who are killed overseas everyday,) I do think that the recent events in CT caused so many of us to rethink our everyday lives.

No longer can money, living in the suburbs, or sending your kids to the best schools equate a safe environment.  These days, violence can hit all parts of society.  And while I won’t get into the causes and effects, I will encourage you to live every moment you have to the fullest NOW!  🙂

God willing, we’ll all live to be 125, 🙂  but in reality, our next breath isn’t promised.  So let’s stop worrying about if we’ll be able to afford the latest $500 Coach purse, (no offense to those who like Coach…lol,) or worrying about not being able to afford yearly Disney trips like our friends family’s might.  Let’s stop worrying about if everyone likes us, if we’re the perfect weight, or if we live in the “right” neighborhood.

Let’s turn our eyes to the things that last the test of time: God, family, friends, and helping others.  After all, heaven and earth will one day fade, but God’s word remains the same, (Matthew 24:35.)

So today, I am going to do my best not to worry about the silly things that so easily distract, and to enjoy napping in my warm bed, hugging my kiddies, and not being angry about having to change diapers every half an hour…lol!  I am going to be grateful that I have a husband who helps me with diaper duties, 🙂 that I have real friends who love me for the crazy person that I am, and that lately, I have so many unhealthy Christmas goodies to eat! 🙂

What about you?  What are you going to enjoy doing today?  Whatever it is, enjoy it!  I’ll be enjoying my nap.  Good night! 🙂


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