Christmas = Stress???

24 Dec

Around the holidays, I keep hearing everyone saying how busy and stressed they are, and all that I can think of is, “why???” 🙂


I’m not sure if it’s my laid back personality or what, but I just don’t get stressed.  One way that I do it is just by keeping things simple.  We buy our kids one gift each for Christmas, and let the grandparents take care of the rest.  🙂


And when it comes to Christmas cookies, I’ll bake them with the kids, but we don’t need 27 different types of sprinkles and fifteen shades of red and green icing!lol…we make simple sugar cookies and enjoy them.

When it comes to the tree, this year, we’ve got our pre-lit “Charlie Brown” in full effect.  🙂  Because the kiddies think that ornaments are made to be broken, we only have three ornaments on the tree, and those are the ones that my two year old son Gabe made in preschool!lol…for me, it’s about fun and fellowship, not having a perfectly decorated home.  (But if that’s your thing…decorate away, or come to my house and help me since I’m not “gifted” in that area…lol…my expertise is in being social!)  🙂

For me, Christmas is about celebrating Jesus, relaxing with friends and family, and eating good food.  Why let stress and tradition rob you of your joy and peace?


This year, I’d encourage you to keep it simple!  Christmas doesn’t have to mean stress.  Just chill out at home with friends and family, and play dress up with your babies.  You determine how busy or relaxed Christmas will be.   🙂  As for me, I’m choosing to relax!

Merry Christmas Eve!


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