Why I usually never worry…

2 Jan

new yearsHere is a picture of me on New Years Eve with my son and partner in crime.  🙂  What are we doing?  Are we sitting around, worried about the New Year?  …Of course not!  We’re too busy having fun!! 🙂

But I’ll be honest.  Every now and then, I do worry.  But most of the time, I don’t!

Still; unfortunately, we see worry all the time…we see the facebook status updates of people upset over the government, their kids, or their money.  Sure, your facebook friends might be able to lend an ear and maybe offer advice, but at the end of the day, spending time worrying doesn’t help.

Here’s why I choose not to worryit won’t change things.  Let’s be honest: when is the last time that your worrying actually changed the situation?

Taking action changes things.  If you believe in prayer, then you know that prayer also changes things.

But wait – worrying does change one thing… your health.  Worry and stress cause all sorts of disease, and some studies even say that worry can cause obesity.



So why worry if you can’t change things?  Wouldn’t your time be better spent in prayer, meditation, Bible reading, and taking needed action to change the problem situation?

So today, instead of worrying, do something productive.  Pray when you feel worried.  Exercise.  Talk to a friend.  Or do something fun to take your mind off of it – watch a funny movie, play with your kids, train for a marathon, or do Zumba, (like my son and I do every night!)  🙂



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