You CAN enjoy a low fat & low carb diet!

4 Jan

christmas pic

Here is a picture of Zoe and I during the holidays.  Boy was it brutal trying to keep in shape w/all the fatty goodness!lol…but now it’s time to get back on track!  🙂

Before you get your feathers ruffled over the words “diet,” I don’t mean a “weight loss” diet, as in “you need to lose a few pounds…”  🙂  I am simply filling you in on a health food plan that I follow most days.  I am doing it to stay alive for a long time to enjoy my friends, hubby and family, not to look like a tooth pick! 🙂  So there!  Please don’t write me about how diet’s are bad, b/c it’s not that kind of diet plan!lol…

OK so here it is.  My best friend just told me that a low carb./low fat diet is impossible b/c everything has carbs in it.  I had to show her this wasn’t true so I emailed her my daily meals.  And let me just say, that yes, sometimes I cheat.  But the important thing is that I stick to this on a regular basis, so having this foundation helps me to stay healthy and in shape.  🙂

And if you do cheat, please only do it once a day, in a small portion, and early enough in the day to work it off.  Ex: if you’re gonna cheat, have the donut at brunch, or the fries at lunch so you can still have time to work them off.

breakfast:1 boiled egg

strawberry banana smoothie (1 cup of skim milk, 1 tbsp nonfat yogurt)

1 cup fruit salad (watermelon, honeydew melon, grapes, strawberries)

1 cup of black coffee with a pinch of skim milk, sugar, and low fat creamer

snack: 1 tangerine or piece of fruit


veggie stir fry (fresh onion, garlic, cabbage, carrot, brussel sprouts)

I use this recipe but I use the above veggies and not the exact ones the recipe calls for, and instead of sake, I use white cooking wine. Also use less oil than suggested for less fat.  Instead of real ginger I use the powder spice b/c its faster.

snack: (I don’t usually do a mid-day snack b/c I eat lunch around 2 and dinner at 5)


cucumber/onion/tomato salad with one tbsp feta cheese and ff caesar/italian dressing, a side of lentil beans cooked with water/salt/pepper, cooked w/ a tablespoon of diced ham

or fish and steamed veggies
or grilled chicken (no oil) and veggies

late night snack:

fruit yogurt parfait (nonfat yogurt, strawberries, grapes, watermelon, a 100 calorie granola bar broken up, one tablespoon low fat whipped cream)


tangy dill dip with cucumber slices and baby tomatoes

***none of the meals use oil other than the stir-fry

***Do at least 20-25 minutes of zumba a day, (preferably zumba flat abs) and work your way up to 45 minutes or so a day
***you can mix up the meals/snacks so long as you leave out carbs and oil, and use portion control
***instead of carbs and oils, focus on using spices to flavor foods
****drink mostly water, or just one cup of juice/soda a day if you must 🙂  Or use water w/lemon or lime and seltzer water for fizz and flavor


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