My Lazy Day on the Couch

21 Jan

Lately I have been so busy with everything – unwinding from the holidays, unpacking the news house, ( as seen below,) working out at the gym, finishing editing the book, training at work, and getting another certification…

house 1

…that sometimes it seems like life is moving faster than I am! 🙂

So lately, I’ve figured out two ways to buy myself more time:

1. Turn off the T.V. – …well how can you do this is if your family’s watching, you may be thinking??? 🙂 Well, if Veggie Tales is on, or my hubby is watching TV, then that’s fine…the point is that I’m not spending MY time in front of it. 🙂

four babies

2. I am only doing activities that I truly love or that are helping me reach the goals that God has for me. That doesn’t mean that I won’t volunteer or help others – I will just try to limit myself to two or three groups or committee’s at a time.

Since doing this, I have so much more free time in my day. (Of course I had it all along, I’m just now realizing it w/the recent changes.) 🙂 Hopefully, you’ll be able to find some ways to regain your time and focus on doing only the things God has for you.

Recently at dinner, my husband said, it’s better to finish one thing than to be working on ten. Wow, this really got to me. I actually stopped eating my crab legs for a second to make a mental note of it!lol…


But the crab legs were so yummy, I had to go back and devour…

So for me, 2013 will be about BALANCE: finishing up projects I’ve been working on for years, working on some new goals of mine, and doing some fun things for myself.

So far, I’ve had some girls nights in, colored my hair, started studying for my real estate license, and am 27 pages from finishing editing the book. I’ve gotten promoted at work, got a raise, and am settling into the new house. I’m figuring out what activities I need to do, and which I don’t.


hair 2

And I’m realizing that with all of my hard work, it’s OK to also have a lazy day on the couch every now and then, like today. 🙂  It’s OK to take an evening alone at the bookstore to read some magazines, have a raspberry mocha, and munch on a mint grasshopper biscotti.  🙂  It’s OK to just relax and take some time for me!!



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