God told me to give away $200 – I didn’t want to!

28 Jan



Today started out like most days.  I ran some errands with the babies, took my son to the doctor’s office, and figured that I’d swing by McDonald’s on the way home for some Dollar Menu treats. 🙂

As we left the Wal-Mart parking lot to drive home, there was a homeless woman standing on the corner with a sign saying that she had two kids, had lost her job and needed to get to a hotel.  I did my best to avoid eye contact, as I had my two kids with me and didn’t feel safe stopping to talk.

As I drove past her, I felt the sting that I should have stopped.  I drove three more blocks, feeling more guilty the further I got.  I turned the car around and went back.

As I approached her in my car, I realized she was young, maybe a few years older than me.  She had gorgeous green eyes and long blonde hair.  I told her I didn’t have much money, but that I could give her $6 for lunch.  She told me she needed to get to Portsmouth to pick her kids up from school, and $19 more dollars to afford a motel.  There is no way I could drive her there because I had to babysit my friends kids in less than an hour, and other than the $6, all I had was my credit card.    I gave her the $6 and a quick “God bless” and drove away, ready to eat my number six chicken meal from McDonald’s.

The second I drove off, I realized that God wasn’t done.  I turned around, told her to wait ten minutes, and that I’d be back.  I had cash at the house.  I ran in, and instead of getting a $20 bill, God told me to give her all $200 that I had taken out a week ago.  “NO way, God…there is NO WAY I’m giving that lady my money…I was supposed to get my hair re-colored on Thursday…”

…then I felt a twinge, as I remember the woman  telling me that she hoped she wouldn’t be sleeping outside tonight in the 30 degree weather…I grabbed some unopened food from my pantry, a Bible, some Joyce meyer books and DVD’s, and the $200.

As I drove back to the Wal-mart for what seemed like the tenth time, 🙂  I saw her still with her sign on the corner.  I waved her over to the chick-fil-a parking lot.

“I brought you some food, and a little more than $20,” I said.  “But you have to promise me you’ll read these books…”

“Of course; I’ll do anything,” she said, with a sad smile of desperation.

I continued…  “I just want you to know that God loves you and that He hasn’t turned his back on you…even if it seems like it, He hasn’t…He loves you…He told me to stop today and talk to you…”

She began to cry.  “No one even stops…they won’t even look at me,” she said as the tears fell down her face…

Before I knew it, I was hugging her, and on the verge of crying too, trying to hold it together.  She asked me my name and I told her, and she said that her name was Erica.  I told her that it was nice to meet her and that I’d be praying for her.

This time, as I drove home, I felt happy.  I knew that I could now go home and finally enjoy eat my McDonald’s.  🙂  I was actually happy to have met Erica today, (despite the fact that my pockets are a little lighter!lol…)  She really made my day.  I hope that one day I’ll see her again, (and in a better place in life.)

Today, whatever God tells you to do, do it!  You really won’t regret it.  If you give away $200, watch him bless you with $600 you weren’t expecting.  He makes a way EVERY time.


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4 Responses to “God told me to give away $200 – I didn’t want to!”

  1. somepcguy January 28, 2013 at 3:46 pm #

    God bless you. I will pray for both you and Erica.

    • lholmes79 January 28, 2013 at 3:55 pm #

      Thanks; I’ll take all the prayer I can get. 🙂 I’m praying for Erica too. I pass that Walmart almost every day, so I’m praying I don’t see her there tomorrow, unless she’s buying groceries, that is! 🙂 Blessings!

  2. Ashley Ditto January 29, 2013 at 7:26 pm #

    I am so blessed to have found your blog! What an amazing story!!

    Ashley from http://theheartofashley.blogspot.com/

    • lholmes79 January 29, 2013 at 7:46 pm #

      Aww thanks Ashley, can’t wait to visit yours! 🙂

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