I just met a sad millionaire

9 Feb


This weekend at a business conference, I got a break from the kiddies and company, (as seen above…can you even find me???lol,) 🙂 and I was able to meet quite a few different types of people – some were looking to make more money, others already had money and wanted to make more, and then there was the millionaire.

They told of how now, when their businesses make millions each year, it’s not even fun anymore.

I don’t know their life story, so I cannot judge them, but I felt so sad as I listened to them talk about how they had grown bored with his blessings.

I pray that when, (not “if,”) 🙂 I make my first million, that I will never stop enjoying life, being silly, (as seen below…lol,) and having fun! 🙂


When we first moved into our new house, I was so excited.  I wasn’t used to the space, the fridge with a working ice maker, and the pool out back.  I was sooo giddy over the hot tub, the fact that we could actually fit more than one car in the drive way, and that our kids would be able to grow up in a family friendly neighborhood.

jacuzzi 3

One night about a week after we moved into our new house, my husband and I promised each other that no matter how much God blessed us, we would always be grateful or our home. We purposed that our home would be a place of fun, ministry and friendships!


But just this week, I woke up in a daze.  I was sleepy, groggy, it was cold and rainy outside, and all I could think was, “I don’t want to start my day…”  Then, it was almost as if God brought that conversation from a few weeks ago to my mind.  I had promised God that I wouldn’t grow “used to” the blessings, and this is exactly what I had done.

I said a quick prayer asking for forgiveness, did my morning Joyce Meyer devotional, and made a point to not let the rain, weather, or a sleepy feeling keep me from growing “used” to God’s blessings!

And the same should go for you!  Don’t grow “used” to your blessings.  Yes; it’s OK to want for more – but always appreciate what God has already done, whether it’s a new house, wonderful friends, or a great family! 🙂



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