I used to boycott Valentine’s Day!

11 Feb

lauren internship pic

Here’s my picture from “sophomore” year of college – technically it’s really not sophomore yr. because I finished in 2.5 years…but that’s another story for another time.  🙂  Anyway, I know that you are probably really surprised to read the title of this post because I’m always blogging about marriage and my kids, etc.  🙂


But believe it or not, I wasn’t born married!lol…there was once a time that I had no husband or children…(although it is hard to remember…haha…)

Another “mom friend” and I joked about how our kids would probably always see us as “mom,” not realizing that we weren’t born moms.  Before marriage and kids, we were teens who wore body glitter in the 90’s, listened to boy bands like N Sync, (although I was never that hard core into it like some…lol,) and went to prom’s and ring dances.

And at one point, we were disgruntled young ladies who boycotted Valentine’s day due to the lack of a Valentine!lol…

I remember one year I didn’t have a Valentine, and I was so sad.  I wore all black, (kind of as a joke to make fun of my situation,) but inside, I was actually pretty bummed about it.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, (and I’ve been there too,) remember that life has a way of changing, (often for the better…)  🙂

…And while the years between being single and married aren’t always easy, it does make it that much better when you do have your husband for your Valentine.  🙂


…You think back and are so glad that he’s your Valentine, the father of your kids, and your best friend.  You know that even though sometimes you annoy each other, you couldn’t live without each other.


So today, if you don’t have a Valentine and wish you did, realize that life works in seasons – soon, things may change.  Just hang in there, baby! 🙂  Go out with single friends, watch a movie, and thank God for all the other things that you DO have. 🙂  Just don’t get all weird and wear black to boycott it like I did!haha…

Valentines engagment pic

And if you’re married, kiss your spouse and enjoy your time with them – marriage was made to be fun, so HAVE FUN!  Nuff said! 🙂


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