The world says “don’t get married”

19 Feb


I don’t know if it’s just because this is February, the month of love, but I am just on a roll when it comes to talking about marriage, relationships, etc!!lol…it’s like I can’t stop! 🙂


I recently had an engaged lady sign up for my brides in training coaching yesterday, and she told me how so many of her friends were disappointed upon hearing that she was getting married.  This deeply saddened her.  She was an amazing gal who had found an amazing man…why couldn’t they be happy for her?


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While the reasons can be many, can I tell you something?

No matter what others tell you, God created marriage, and it is good.

The world’s views may change, but aren’t we lucky that God’s word is still true when it comes to marriage. 🙂


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God never said it would be easy, but in the end, it’s well worth sticking it out! 🙂

Think about anything else that you are proud of.  Was it easy?

Ladies, was it easy to give birth to your children and carry them for nine months?  Some will say yes, 🙂 but for me, it wasn’t!lol…

Men, is it easy to work that 40 + hr a week job that you hate?   Of course not, but you do it to provide for your family.

Was it always easy and fun to study for your college courses?  Of course not, but you’re (hopefully) 🙂  enjoying the advantages of having a degree.

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So today, don’t allow the world’s views, friend’s negativity, or stories you might have heard to cause you to become jaded or rob you of God’s amazing plan of marriage.  Set your focus on the Father, ignore any naysayers, and be excited about your marriage! 🙂


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And I’m not saying this b/c my own marriage has always been perfect…I’m so gung-ho about good marriages b/c I know how amazing it is to stick with it and enjoy the awesome joy that marriage brings. 🙂


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