That don’t impress me much!

25 Feb



This weekend was my son’s third birthday – what an exciting time of cake, dancing, the limbo, and all around craziness!! 🙂  As I looked at the party guests, I realized something.




We were all different races, ages, and came from different backgrounds.  It reminds me of the scripture in the Bible that says that while man often looks at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart.  I believe this is a great reminder for us all!

party ten


As I was praying this morning, a timely song popped in my head, Shania Twain’s, “That don’t Impress me Much.”  It isn’t necesarily a Christian song, but it has a wonderful message – she is saying that she isn’t impressed by titles, money, or the like – she wants something genuine or authentic.  (She doesn’t use those same words, though!) 🙂


party six


So here are a few questions that I’ll be posing this morning not only to you all, but also to the ladies who are signed up for April’s Brides in Training Seminar:

1. Do you judge others based on the outward appearance?

2. Do you only befriend those who are like you, ex: make the same amount of money, are the same race, live in a nice neighborhood or have nice things?)

So with that in mind, here’s today’s challenge:

In your everyday life, focus less on keeping up the “perfect appearance,” and more on loving and helping others.  B/c all that other stuff doesn’t impress God anyway! 🙂


party 11

Blessings! :)


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