Who says Christian parents can’t party???

26 Feb


party eight

First of all, I don’t mean an animal house type of party where parents are swinging from the chandeliers…lol…when I say “party,” I mean having a good time, being silly, and enjoying ourselves! 🙂

party four

gabe 1

During a few of my bridal coaching sessions, a lot of the engaged ladies seem surprised that I have ladies nights out, that my husband and I go out on “date night’s” without the kids up to twice a week, and that I go away for the weekend with friends sometimes.

They often ask, “I thought that once you had kids, the fun ends…”

gabe 5

gabe 6

I want to debunk that myth! 🙂

Here are a few ways to have fun even after the kids:

1. Plan sitter swaps – they are totally free.  Ex: I watch your kids on Tuesday night, and you watch mine on Friday.  Simple as that… free babysitting, and the best part is, your kids are totally safe, (so you can relax while out,) because you choose another family that you know and trust.  Voila – now you have a built in Friday night out every week! 🙂  (Have a few families that you do this with, or start a group, and you’ll always have free childcare for when you want time away with your spouse or friends.)  🙂

party two

2. Bring the party to your house!  Instead of spending a whole lot of money eating out and having to worry about the kids acting like crazy animals at a nice restaurant, (lol,) and spending $5 on a kids plate of macaroni and cheese that you could have made for 25 cents at home, 🙂 invite everyone to your house for a party.  Have a movie and toy room set up for the kids complete with snacks and non-messy finger foods, and then the adults can hang out in the next room over, playing games, talking and eating.  Or, make it a potluck – that way, you won’t have to do all the food prep yourself.  I usually make the main course, like some kind of chicken or tacos, and I provide the soda and juice.  Then, everyone else brings a side.

party nine

So the next time that someone says, “oh you’ve got kids…I heard it all goes downhill from there,” please kindly correct them! 🙂

Blessings! :)


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