Well this is ladies night, and I’m…embarrassed!!

2 Mar

So I was going to write this fun post about ladies night, but then I felt like I should share my really really embarrassing story from ladies night with you guys!   🙂

So to start with, let me just say that the food was A-MAZING!! 🙂


IMG_5564 IMG_6551 IMG_9366

So get to the good part, you’re probably thinking! 🙂

Believe me when I say that I don’t want to share, but I think it’s good that I do to prove that it’s OK to be real sometimes, and show the world that no one is perfect!

So at ladies night, we had an AWESOME meal and lots of fun.  Then we got pedicures.

As the lady worked on my feet, she began to use that peeler thing, and before I knew it, I was MORTIFIED at the amount of dry skin she was scraping off.

I had two choices: I could either laugh it off and be a good sport, or become embarrassed and offended.  I chose the first one.  And it wasn’t just me – the WHOLE nail salon was laughing.  🙂

I am glad that a simple pedicure was able to brighten the day of so many!!hehe…

I am also  glad that I didn’t take myself too seriously!  Moral of the story …  🙂  Never forget to smile, be silly, and laugh as loud as you like!!  (…just not at funerals or during tests!haha…) 🙂


Blessings! :)

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