The Proverbs 31 Woman had FUN!!

4 Mar

date 1

One thing that is so important to me in my relationship with God is that I never get so busy that I stop having FUN!

Yes; God has called us to minister, to help others, and to make a difference in the world, but I believe that it is just as important that we are enjoying ourselves, our families, and the friends that God has placed into our lives during our few short days on the earth..  🙂

date 2

I love “dating” my husband even though we are married.  When we are out, just the two of us, I am reminded of a sweet time before dirty diapers and kids throwing up all over the kitchen floor!haha… 🙂  (…Not that I don’t absolutely adore my kiddies, I just appreciate that one on one time with my sweetie…)

At the concert, we cuddled, danced, enjoyed the music, and caught up with old friends.

date 5

date 6

And an added bonus was that I was able to see my best friend who lives in New York.  I almost kidnapped her from her hubby and took her home w/me! 🙂

date 3

What an amazing night of fun and refreshment!  I truly believe that the Proverbs 31 Woman, with all of her businesses, projects and plans, still made time to have FUN!  🙂

date 4

Blessings! :)

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