Jenn Smith – God says I’m Beautiful

13 Mar

jenn smith

For the next two weeks, we are doing a series on what God says on beauty to lead up to our March Beauty Bash and Lunch to benefit the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Today’s interview will feature Jenn Smith, a Communication Coordinator, Plus Size Fashion Model, and an amazing woman of God who is beautiful both inside and out!


What does beauty mean to you?

One’s attitude, heart and character really show brighter than any physical feature.   I will never forget when as a teen, a guy friend of mine said that a girl who was pretty by the world’s standards wasn’t attractive to him because her attitude stunk, and that it even overpowered her physical features.

The mind is also a major part of beauty. Have you ever noticed the difference in the presence of a positive person vs. a negative person? Thinking positively is good for your mind and your health. A positive person is less stressed.  Stress can show up in demeanor and outward appearance.

Also, a person who has a healthy spiritual life has hope.  They have something to look forward to.  They are loving, serving, working towards goals, and have a purpose, all of which feed into self-esteem and shine brighter than any physical feature.

Beauty begins with the heart.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made, and God created us in His image. God does not make ugly things. One of the things that makes us beautiful, (besides the fact that we are women,) is that we are unique.


What inner trait about yourself makes you feel beautiful?  

I love helping others to grow and to become successful. There is a gift test online, (,) that details seven gifts. I am an Encourager/Giver, a Servant, and merciful.  Understanding your gifts adds to your purpose and you feelings of beauty.


What outer feature about yourself do you love?  

My lips. 🙂 Also, the scar on my lower back because it reminds me of what God did for me – (…He healed me in an accident where I could have been paralyzed,) – and He was with me throughout my recovery.


What is one (inexpensive or free thing) 🙂 women can do to make themselves feel beautiful?


Free – spend time with God and positive, supportive Christians, live life to the fullest, serve others with a grateful heart, and give of yourself.

Inexpensive – invest in a good skin care – (not just soap and water,) – and especially a moisturizer, (even for those with oily skin).  Good skin care is priceless, and believe it or not, it doesn’t take much work. I’ve been using Artistry for about 7 years now, and it’s like I stopped aging as soon as I started using it.





Thanks again to Jenn for her honest and insightful interview, 🙂 and for more info. on Artistry products, feel free to visit her website!


***Ladies, looking for a fun time of lunch, beauty tips, and a great time of fellowship as we discuss God’s design for marriage? Then come join me at the March Beauty Bash and Lunch on Saturday, March 30th at noon – proceeds will be donated towards the Crisis Pregnancy Center! Register below!

***We are giving away a free spot at our March Beauty Bash and Lunch – to qualify, please leave a comment on this post on what beauty means to you!


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