Jennifer Lynn – God says that I’m Beautiful

13 Mar


For the next two weeks, we are doing a series on what God says on beauty to lead up to our March Beauty Bash and Lunch to benefit the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Today’s interview will feature Jennifer Lynn, Executive Director of Tears in Action Project, and an amazing woman of God who is beautiful both inside and out!

What does beauty mean to you?

To be beautiful means allowing your heart to shine for others to see.

What is one inner quality that makes you feel beautiful?

My servant’s heart is a quality about me that makes me feel beautiful. Truly loving others and receiving love from others make me feel beautiful.

What is one inexpensive or free way that women can make themselves feel beautiful?

I am very busy, so getting caught up on rest makes me feel good. Sometimes I get a facial, and lately I’ve been working out a lot. It makes me feel good on the inside and obviously physically.

Taking care of yourself on the inside affects your outer beauty.  Freeing a burdened heart radiates for others to see – your joy is contagious.


Jennifer Lynn

Thanks again to Jennifer Lynn for her sweet and honest interview, and feel free to visit her website as well!

***Ladies, looking for a fun time of lunch, beauty tips, and a great time of fellowship as we discuss God’s design for marriage? Then come join me at the March Beauty Bash and Lunch on Saturday, March 30th at noon – proceeds will be donated towards the Crisis Pregnancy Center! Register below!

***We are giving away a free spot at our March Beauty Bash and Lunch – to qualify, please leave a comment on this post on what beauty means to you!


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