Kelly Head – God says that I’m Beautiful

14 Mar


For the next two weeks, we are doing a series on what God says on beauty to lead up to our March Lunch and Beauty Bash to benefit the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Today’s interview will feature Kelly Geissman Head, an amazing woman of God who is beautiful both inside and out!

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty means being original, kind and confident enough to strut your “stuff,” yet humble enough to get down in the dirt. Beauty is about knowing your worth and value – that you were bought with an invaluable, expensive price. That God says you are stunning from the inside out, and you aren’t afraid to let it show.   It’s kindness of character, loving the least of these…It’s the heart of Christ, the wonder in the world, the smile of a child. Beauty is everywhere, and in everything and every situation. When we take the time to recognize true beauty, it’s a gift we’ve just given ourselves, and honor that we’ve shown our Creator.

What inner trait about yourself makes you feel beautiful?

My sense of humor makes me feel stunning at times. It lights me up from the inside out, and it makes me feel awesome to see others laugh.

My “feist” – yup – I’ve got some feistiness inside!  Sometimes she stands up tall – (needed when you’re 5’3″ on a good day) – and makes me feel like a giant!

Compassion.  Sometimes it’s almost to a fault, but I love that I tearfully pray over lost dogs in the street to find their way home, or bawl over the orphans. It makes me feel connected to the heart of God – and nothing is more beautiful than that. 🙂

My mind – yeah, it’s a little crazy, sometimes forgetful and a lot off track. But it’s also full of creativity, passion, determination and … um, I forgot the last thing. Just kidding.  🙂

What outer feature about yourself do you love?

My eyes.

What is one (inexpensive or free thing) you or other women can do to make themselves feel beautiful?

Well, each and every woman IS beautiful. …Created unique by God to shine His glory in a predetermined and profound way. So, if someone isn’t “feeling” beautiful (and admit it, we’ve all had “one them days,”) then that means that it’s time to go back to the word of God. It is very powerful to DECLARE over yourself God’s truth.

The Word is called the SWORD for a reason! The Word also builds our faith, and faith is what we need to stop the fiery darts of the enemy – his lies. The ones he uses to immobilize women the most. The, “you’re so not beautiful lie” he tries to use on most every woman out there at one time or another. If he can’t take your God-glory, then he will try to get you to cover it up with self-hatred, dread, insecurity etc. right at the core of who you are – which is BEAUTY.

God’s Word says that we are beautifully and wonderfully made, that we shall be fruitful, that every word that rises against us in condemnation will itself be condemned, that we are the very righteousness in Christ, that we are all together lovely, and that He chases us down.

Wow, what worth and value we possess!  We just have to know it and keep declaring it until it breaks past the lies and renders them useless. THEN, we will stand up tall, confident, and free to be our real unique and crazy selves. 🙂  …Cuz that’s where the real beauty lies. Come on – rise up. Doesn’t matter what you’ve been through – God has a plan and a purpose for you and calls you beautiful!!




Thanks again to Kelly for her amazing and fun interview!

***Ladies, looking for a fun time of lunch, beauty tips, and a great time of fellowship as we discuss God’s design for marriage? …Then come join us at the March Beauty Bash and Lunch on Saturday, March 30th at noon – proceeds will be donated towards the Crisis Pregnancy Center! Register below!

***We are giving away a free spot at our March Beauty Bash and Lunch – to qualify, please leave a comment on this post on what beauty means to you!


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