Some people don’t like all this talk on beauty!

17 Mar



I know that many of you have been following our beauty series, and I think it’s awesome that so many women are actually saying what they LOVE about themselves, (versus what they don’t love.)  🙂

All too often we hear women complaining about their hips and thighs, (or whatever else that bothers them,) so I loved hearing all of these women actually saying what they liked.

So I guess it’s my turn.  I’ll be quick.  🙂

I love that I have naturally curly hair that can also be straight.  (I used to hate my curls, but I think as I get older, I appreciate them.)  And it’s even better that my hubby loves my curls too – so much so that he even has cute nicknames for them…I won’t reveal all of those, though!lol…


blonde 3


One inner trait that I like about myself is that I always try to find the humor and positivity in every situation.  I believe that there are no such thing as problems, only solutions. 🙂 Having that outlook keeps me happy, and forces me to solve obstacles instead of sit and mope over them.


glamour 3


I think that beauty is balance. 🙂  …Being a mom and loving your kids, but still making time for yourself.  …Being a wife and spending time w/the hubby, but still having “me” time, and time with friends.  Beauty is being a woman who is confident, takes care of herself, takes care of her family, and takes care of business.

Beauty is a woman who loves the Lord, radiates warmth all around her, and is so filled to overflow with the goodness of God that people are drawn to her sweet spirit.  That, to me, is beauty. 🙂




Some may get mad and say that talking about beauty is not “spiritual,” but I would have to kindly disagree.  🙂   God made us beautiful in His image, so there is nothing wrong with talking about inner, (or outer,) beauty.

Yes, we should cultivate a right spirit within, but there is also nothing wrong with a fresh set of blonde highlights, a hot pink pedi, a paraffin wax, a fruity flavored lip gloss, or some eyebrow threading. 🙂




You do you!  Do what makes you feel beautiful.  Live a life that is pleasing to God.  That is beautiful!




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