Lori West – God says that I’m Beautiful!

19 Mar


For the next two weeks, we are doing a series on what God says about beauty to lead up to our March Beauty Bash and Lunch to benefit the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Today’s interview will feature Lori West, an amazing woman who wears so many different hats!  She is a stay at home mom, (now homeschooling mom too), a Blogger, a former labor and delivery nurse, and a passionate lover of God!  I know that you will enjoy hearing from her!

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is more than just your outward appearance. It truly comes from within first.  We’ve all seen the beautiful person on the outside that is not very “beautiful” on the inside – and vice versa. As women, we need to not only focus on our outward beauty – but our inner beauty as well. We are body, soul and spirit – and there is beauty in all three areas! To me, the most beautiful people are those who emulate the character and love of God, and do so with a confident humility!

What inner trait do you love about yourself?

The love of God that I have pursued and soaked up, and the truth that He’s poured into my life to dispel the lies about my true beauty, is what makes me feel beautiful!


What outer feature about yourself do you love?

My face…and :)I’ve always liked my eyes.


What is one free or inexpensive way that women can make themselves feel beautiful?

Don’t go around in your PJ’s, sweats and no makeup! I will tell you what I used to tell my postpartum moms and childbirth class participants . . . Even if you just had a baby, do what you can every day to get a shower, get dressed, and do your hair and makeup (even if you are not going anywhere.)  It will lift your spirits and make you feel better about yourself throughout the day, (and give you a little more energy!)

If it’s just not possible, do at least one of those things that make you feel beautiful. Or, put on your favorite music that makes you feel happy, (and possibly want to dance!) and go ahead – sing in the shower! 🙂
Beauty “treatments” are more than just external . . . but internal as well. Treat your soul and spirit to beauty treatments, as well as your body. One of my favorites is putting on soaking music and sitting with God…letting Him tell me how much He loves and adores me! It washes away all the lies of the enemy and the junk of this world! Another one – BELIEVE your husband when he tells you that he thinks you are beautiful or sexy . . . and say THANK YOU!  🙂



Thanks again to Lori for her fun and honest interview, and feel free to visit her websites at:
FB – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mothering-Matters/124554300956771?ref=ts&fref=ts
Twitter – https://twitter.com/Mother_Matters

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