Stacey Michalak – God says that I’m Beautiful

26 Mar

For the next two weeks, we are doing a series on what God says about beauty to lead up to our March Lunch, Fashion Show and and Beauty Bash to benefit the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Today’s interview will feature Stacey Michalak, Mother of two, Managing Producer of 700 Club Interactive, and Part Owner of “Style Made Simple Events.”  I know that you will enjoy hearing from her!

What does beauty mean to you?

It has taken me a long time to discover the true meaning of beauty. I used to look only at outward appearances and judge beauty on the basis of what the media saw as beautiful. Unfortunately, I never measured up to that impossible standard. While in college, I would have a good day or a bad day depending on how pretty I felt that particular morning. It was awful!

As I have grown older and become a mother, I see it very differently. God has opened my eyes to true beauty. There is physical, earthly beauty, but what I have also discovered is that it’s our life moments that are the most beautiful. It’s in those very simple times with my girls when I see them smile that I see real true beauty. …Their eyes light up with such enthusiasm over little things, and it’s in those times that I can’t imagine seeing anything more beautiful. That’s when I realize that those beautiful moments are a gift from the Lord.

Recently, my grandmother was dying of cancer and she could barely talk, but her last words to me were, “You are so beautiful.” And when she said it, I knew she was talking about my Spirit. It had nothing to do with my outward appearance. I felt her meaning in those words, and it hit me at my core. At that moment, I realized I was seeing a strong, vibrant woman who loved Jesus die with grace and dignity. That was beauty.

What inner trait makes you feel most beautiful?

The inner trait that makes me feel the most beautiful is when I can offer encouragement. There is no greater joy, I find, than helping people step out of their comfort zones into what God has called them to. If I had nothing else to do all day but connect with people–I would really like to help others find the right jobs, ministries, new homes, future spouse etc. I just feel so beautiful when I’m helping someone else achieve their dreams.

What outer feature do you love about yourself?

It’s so hard to answer a question like what outer feature do I love. For so long, growing up, I felt like it was terrible to say that I thought something about myself was beautiful. …Not because I was brought up to have a low self -esteem, but because it just didn’t seem right to dote on myself.

And as a very tall, pasty, white, red headed lanky girl–I never thought I was pretty. However, as my confidence grew in the Lord, I began to feel more secure in who He created me to be. Today I have a real appreciation for my hair. I love my hair because it has its own personality. I know it sounds ridiculous, but seriously, some days it’s red and other days it’s brown.

Sometimes I wear it curly and other times I wear it straight. I never color my hair and I’m the worst at getting haircuts. My friends always laugh that I wait 6-months to get a haircut—or longer sometimes. (Maybe I shouldn’t admit that here?? LOL) But somehow it still looks okay. And as someone with reddish-brown hair, I must appreciate the fact that redheads are only three percent of the world, and we are on the decline. So I have to give it up for my hair!  : )

What is one free or inexpensive thing that you or other women can do to feel beautiful?

I think the most important thing a woman can do to make herself feel beautiful is to give herself TIME and GRACE. I’m constantly trying to remind myself that perfection is unrealistic. My house is never going to look like a Pinterest board because I have a one year old and a two year old. When I’m Producing a live television show and a mistake is made in the control room, or I hate the copy I wrote for the show—I have to remind myself it’s TV, not brain surgery. I am my own worst critic, and no one can beat me up like I can myself. It’s when I give myself a break and thank God for the life He has given me that I feel the most beautiful.



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