Heidi Livingston – God says that I’m Beautiful

4 Apr


For the last two weeks, we have been doing a series on what God says about
beauty for our recent March Lunch, Fashion Show and Beauty Bash.  Thanks to all of your help and support, we raised almost $500 to benefit the Crisis Pregnancy Center!!

Today’s interview will feature Heidi Livingston, a stay at home mom and graduate student in English Literature at Old Dominion University.  I know that you will enjoy hearing from her!

What does beauty mean to you?

To me the sign of beauty is contentment – a spirit of peace. When someone is truly beautiful, she simply is. She lives not by striving or trying to please others, but by being the woman she was created to be. She cares not for the praise and words of others, because contentment comes from within – from the inner place of knowing who you are and what you were made for.

Sometimes this seems difficult when we are in the midst of the daily business of our lives. Being both a student and a mother, my life is crazy busy, as most of ours are. But when I can stop it all for a moment to quiet my spirit and give my attention to His spirit – that is the place of connection, of rejuvenation, it is the meeting place between us and God. This is where I find refreshment in knowing that He cares about all the little things in my life, and I find joy in that He sees me.

The gaze of God is more powerful than any other, and when we become aware of His gaze on our lives, and His pleasure in us, that is where we become aware of the beauty within us and can find freedom from worrying about the world’s perception of us.

What inner trait about yourself makes you feel beautiful?

It may seem odd, but my quietness. Being the ‘quiet one’ is often seen in a negative light. But one day, I stumbled upon this verse and it changed the way I thought about it: “let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s eyes is very precious” (1 Peter 3:4). Sometime it’s the very things we don’t like about ourselves that God sees as beautiful and precious.

What outer feature about yourself do you love?

I love my long hair. I made the mistake of cutting it short once, and I felt like I had lost my identity! Silly as it may sound, my long hair has become what I love about myself. In one way, it makes me feel beautiful because it reminds me of the princesses in fairy tales and legends. But long hair also makes me feel protected and hidden, as if less exposed to the harshness of the world.  It is both my covering and adornment.


What is one (inexpensive or free thing) you or other women can do to make themselves feel beautiful?

Embrace long dresses! I love to be comfortable, but I also love be feminine. To me, a woman always looks beautiful in a long, flowy skirt or dress. They are exceptionally comfortable, and the feel of a long dress just lifts my spirits and makes me want to roam outside and frolic in a field picking flowers. The power of a dress has wonders over the landscape of my mind and sense of personal beauty.



Thanks again to Heidi for her beautiful interview!

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