Before marriage I thought…After marriage I learned…

10 Apr



I have some EXCITING news – we are starting a new series called “Before marriage I thought…After Marriage I learned…” to lead up to our Brides in Training Brunch on Saturday, April 27th.  There are still a few spots left, so get signed up today! 🙂


Our series is for everyone – male, female, single, married, Christian or non-Christian – it’s basically for anyone who wants to get some real insight into relationships and marriage! 🙂


When I was first married, I felt like no one had given me the “low-down,” if you will!lol…  So we’re here to dispel the myths, tell the truth, and have some fun!! 🙂 I hope you’ll join us for this month’s series!


Today we are interviewing a personal friend of mine, Micah B. Harris, at 5th Grade teacher, and Founder of One Accord Dance Company.  Join me this Saturday evening at 6 p.m. to see her troupe perform (free of charge) at the Regent University Library Atrium.


Before marriage I thought…
Before marriage I thought it would be so cool to know what married couples talk about when they “ride off into the sunset” after a wedding.


After marriage I learned…
After marriage I learned all they want to do is sleep! LOL. The wedding day is exhausting and exciting!


The most fun aspect of marriage…
The most fun aspect of marriage is that you always have a partner– in watching movies, playing a game, going out to eat, gearing up to exercise, taking a road trip, attending a banquet, the list is endless!


My advice to newlyweds is…
My advice to newlyweds is to take your time in those first five years to really learn and understand one another. Get used to building foundational principles that make your marriage work. Marriage is unique and you have to build your trust with one another.


What I love about dancing…
What I love about dancing is that it is a creative escape and a wonderful opportunity to spend time with women who are just as eccentric as me, and the benefit is the healthy lifestyle it supports at the same time!






Thanks again to Micah for her awesome interview!


Learn more about Micah and her dance troupe by liking their facebook page, “One Accord Dance Company” on Facebook at:!/pages/In-One-Accord-Dance-Company/525371960839105?fref=ts.


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