Have you grown spiritually deaf?

13 May

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We all know someone who can quote the Bible from front to back, or who can tell you the Latin, Greek and Hebrew translation of every verse.  Maybe it’s your friend who went to Bible college, maybe it’s someone from your church, or maybe it’s you.  🙂  While knowing and memorizing the word of God is great, the Bible tells us that we should  also truly understand it, (Matthew 13:13.)


We see this all the time in relationships too.  In the heat of the argument you might tell your partner, “you hear what I’m saying, but you just don’t understand.”  I wonder if God also sometimes thinks, “wow, my children read the Bible, go to church, sing in the choir, and dance on the praise team, but they’re not taking the time to truly understand my words.”




This hit me recently when I came across someone who was frustrated with their life.  They could quote scripture front and back, but they weren’t putting any of it into practice.  (This is not to judge, because we are all works in progress in Christ.)  🙂  But in this person’s case, they were still doing things they knew were wrong, but expecting God’s blessings.


But that type of behavior doesn’t work with God.  Yes; God will always love us, but as our Father, He wants the best for us.  He doesn’t want us to just act like we have it all together, but to actually understand His word and live it out.


gabe prays


Let’s not just be hearers of the word.  Let’s go deeper!  Let’s be doers.  Let’s be open to understanding!





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