But I don’t like Other Women!

23 May

teresa and lauren

This is a phrase that I hear so much among all types of women.

“I don’t like other women…they are catty…I’ve always hung around guys…women are petty…”

Sure, there are catty mean women, just as there are mean men, mean moms, mean cats, mean dogs, (you get the point.)  🙂

But let’s remember that God tells us to love everyone.  Here are a few pictures of some woman that I love!

march 1

brides 9


And I don’t mean a “love you one day but hate you the next” kind of love…I mean a real love for my sister’s in Christ!  🙂

When we are truly walking with God, loving others like we should, and being an example of Christ’s goodness, we are going to draw people to us – men, women, children, and everyone. 🙂

When we are truly living a life that is pleasing to God, people will sense the peace of God on us, and will naturally want to be around us.

date 3

Maybe you have been hurt by other women.  If that’s the case, give that to the Lord, and ask Him to help you to forgive, move on, and not hold a grudge against all women in the future.

party five

If God walked the earth now, I doubt He would go around saying, “I don’t like other men.”  🙂  And I know this because His disciples were men!  🙂

So with so much negative going on in the world – (wars, natural disasters, etc.), let’s take the focus off petty things like “not liking other women,” and focus on what matters: loving God and loving others!

glamour shots


Lauren 🙂

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