Do you choose money over family?

24 May

girls nite

Recently someone hinted at me that if I wanted to make more money, I would need to work more.

I don’t think this person was bad…they just had different priorities from me.

God has a different plan for each of us.  Some work in an office, some work from home, some work in the house taking care of their kids, and some work on the missions field in India! 🙂


And I hope that one day we can all get to the place where we understand that just because someone takes a different path from us, it doesn’t make them wrong, (or us better!)

In regards to the person who thought I should be working more hours to make more money, maybe for them, it is a priority to live in a million dollar home.

For me, I would rather have my nice 2700 square foot home, (which is more than enough space for my family and I,) 🙂 and not have to work 16 hour days and never see my children just to keep up a mortgage.

party 10

late 3

Yes; some people must work 16 hours just to keep their heads above water, so I am not judging them at all.

But for me, I have the choice, and I’m fine with what I have. I’m not going to work more and be away from my kids just so I can have a nicer car.  I don’t just want to see my kids before they go to bed, or when they’re already asleep for the night.

jamie n zoe

So for me, I choose to forego the money and have that sweet time with my little ones, cuddling, watching “Cars,” and eating Crunch Berries after dinner.  🙂

blonde 2

Remember – it doesn’t matter what other people have to say about your choices; it matters what God thinks!



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