Finger Painting with Diaper Rash Cream

30 May

This morning I noticed white paste on the walls, and my daughter was standing there looking guilty. I  put two and two together, and realized that she was finger painting on the walls with diaper rash cream!!lol…

I wanted to laugh but didn’t, (so as not to encourage her…lol,) but it really was funny! She got upset that she had to stop, but she was fine once we cleaned her up and brought out the crayons, coloring books and kitchen set! 🙂


This morning was a reminder to me to never take life too seriously. I could have fussed and gotten upset and let it ruin my morning, but what would that have accomplished? There are people with much worse problems than diaper rash cream on their walls!!lol…


There are moms who can’t afford diaper cream, or maybe don’t have a place to live with their kids.


Today, take the focus off of yourself, and focus on helping others! 🙂


Here is an opportunity to do just that: we are having a Baby Shower for the Women of the Crisis Pregnancy Center who otherwise might not get a shower – I hope that you’ll consider joining, or donating food, or mommy and baby gifts.  (Link to sign up for baby shower for Crisis Pregnancy Center)

Blessings! 🙂


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